How Can I Get Rid of My Smile Lines – 2024 Guide


We all love laughing, and we can all agree that smiling is a crucial part of our life. Everyone is saying that we should smile more, and some studies even showed that we need to laugh, and think positive to be able to overcome some bad situations (Positive state of mind).

But what to do about those smile lines that are forming around our mouth and, or eyes? Those stubborn wrinkles that just don’t want to go away are something that many people find tough to deal with, and there are many reasons why they are showing. In this text, you will learn more about those reasons, find out about exercises that you can do to improve your skin condition, and things to do to prevent smile lines.

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The lack of elasticity or mostly known as protein collagen, dehydrated skin, sun damage, and smoking, are all the main reasons why there are laugh lines. There is also a very significant factor that makes smile lines inevitable, and that is, unfortunately, aging. Nobody wants to hear this, but that is just the way things are, but the good thing is that there are also some actions that we can take to prevent, reduce, and delay them.

Doing some exercises, especially for this area, is another excellent way to deal with wrinkles around your mouth. And as a bonus, they are not difficult, and you can do these exercises alone and at home.

One of them is positioning your lips inwards and expanding your mouth area by keeping the lips tied and blowing air into the mouth.

The second one is for your cheek muscles, which play a significant role in tightening up and lifting the skin:

With the tips of your index fingers, you need to apply pressure to smile lines around your mouth, and then you need to smile as wide as possible (lips are separated). That smile should be up for about five to ten seconds, and you should do about 20 reps.


The third exercise is for both cheeks and mouth, and what you need is to make an “O shape” with your lips and try to smile from the corners of your mouth. Stay in this position for 5-10 seconds, rest, and then repeat several times. Similar to this one, is making the fish face, and you can do both, or choose the one you feel gives the best results.

To avoid these lines and to still be outside enjoying the sun, applying sunscreen and drinking a lot of water to keep your skin hydrated will delay smile lines. One useful tip for the ladies – after applying the sunscreen but before the makeup, use a little of blurring or primer cream on your smile lines.

Also, a proper and balanced diet will do wonders for your overall health and the state of your skin. What you need on your plate to reduce laugh lines is the food rich in antioxidants that will boost the body production of elastin and collagen. To provide your body with enough antioxidants, try to add to your diet vegetables like tomatoes or broccoli, for a snack you can eat blueberries or cranberries. As a refreshment, you can drink some green tea instead of sugar-rich drinks.


Eating food rich in omega-3 oils, such as various fishes, chia seeds, walnuts, etc. is also a great way to get rid of those wrinkles around the mouth. They work magic to your smile lines, as they reduce inflammation and brings out the best of your skin.

Suitable nutrition, combined with drinking plenty of water, and regular exercise, will keep you healthy and sound for a long time. The advantages of exercising are clear and known, and now more than ever, people understand why they need to be in good shape for their health. Promoting blood flow brings many advantages, and helps your body to produce natural oils, which moisturize your skin more naturally.

As for the products, today, there are so many of them, and it can be exhausting picking the right one. What you need to look for in your products for reducing the smile lines are the ingredients like retinol or vitamin C, which help collagen production, and enhance dermal repair within the skin.

The one thing that is most likely to help you with laugh lines is using moisturizers regularly.
You will need to take care of your skin since it won’t hydrate itself, and using moisturizers can help you with that. When going to buy some, you should always look for those that contain collagen.


Another thing to add to your skincare is applying exfoliants to your skin. They are the best at removing the dead skin cells, and by doing so, they reveal those new, younger, and healthier ones, and that reduce smile lines, making you look younger. The process to exfoliate your skin is to wet your face, then rub the exfoliant in a circular motion, and wash it up with warm water. You can also make one by yourself, and one great exfoliant you can make at home is the one with brown sugar and coconut oil. But for those who prefer going shopping for them, what you should look for is the exfoliant with glycolic, lactic, and salicylic acid.

As for the treatments, you can choose the one that suits you the most. Many options are available, and you can decide to go with some fillers, get botox or laser treatment, or collagen induction therapy. For those who want permanent results and a grand transformation, the surgery is always an option.

Seeing smile lines every time you look at the mirror can be tough for everyone, but that is also something that happens to all of us. The main thing is that we take care of our health, and with various products, exercises, and treatments that are on the market, we can reduce and delay all the wrinkles, not just smile lines.