How to Find Out if Your Boyfriend is Cheating on You – 2024 Guide


Losing trust in your partner is one of the biggest challenges that can happen in a relationship. It is certainly the hardest thing for both, men and women, because of the emotional bond which normally grows stronger as we spend more and more time with a partner.

A relationship is going wonderfully well for a long period of time, but suddenly, strange things emerge, and your suspicion starts to grow. Let’s face it, it happened to all of us. Reasons for this are numerous, however, our biggest fear in such situations is betrayal. There are types of betrayal that do not necessarily involve sexual attraction or contact of our partners with other people, but situations in which partners behave in such a manner that deeply hurts us.

Unfortunately, cheating is very high on the list of betrayal scenarios. If you have doubts that your partner is cheating on you behind your back, please keep on reading because we want to share with you different ways to find out and also deal with such events. Don’t take us wrong, we believe that the number of men and women who cheat is really the same, so we are not going to deal with any statistics.


What makes a person cheater does not have to do with a gender, but with a personality characterized by inconsistency, low self-esteem, immaturity, unwillingness to take responsibility, low awareness of what a relationship between two people means, etc.

If you happen to see your partner corresponding with another person (yes, it’s called flirting), it will be more than enough to lose trust and eventually break up the relationship. However, we must consider that we all have different understanding of what fraud really is, which is usually informed by our experiences, culture, upbringing etc. We already said that men and women cheat to the same degree, however, in this text we will focus on situations when men are part of the problem as we want to help girls deal better with such stressful situations.

So, dear women, what shall you do if you find yourself in such an unpleasant situation and suspect that your boyfriend is cheating on you?

It would be good to step back when overwhelming suspicions arise and think about what made you feel so dubious. The reasons can be various. For example, you got an impression that your boyfriend has not been interested in intimate interaction with you for some time, whether it is just hugging or sex; he avoids answering phone calls when you are together; you see or hear each other less; lately he came late from work or constantly goes out without you.


Women have great intuition about such things and they simply sense when behavior in a relationship becomes suspicious. This so-called female intuition is almost infallible! However, although your inner senses can be very pronounced, it is often impossible to find enough evidence to corner your partner.

What we think is always a great idea is talking openly about what you have noticed and how you feel. Each of us has our own sensibility and it is not always easy to confront a partner and talk about these topics. However, no matter how reserved men can be in this regard, your man avoiding talking honestly can be a very bad sign! What you need to know is that if your relationship is important to him, your partner should agree to resolve doubts. If he agrees to talk and clarify misunderstandings and doubts – that is great, and it is a clear sign that you were probably wrong about him. Still, if he does not cooperate, there is nothing you can do except wait and see how the relationship develops.

Uncertainty is worse than bad news, we all agree. When uncertainty and concern build up your stress level will follow. People often think about negative outcome and often expect the worst. In that case, try to help yourself by choosing to wait without imagining bad scenarios. Because one thing is for sure, you still do not really know what is going on!


If you see that the solution is not in sight, we advise you to try concrete methods! Do you remember the good old movie jokes in which a woman puts on a wig and disguises herself and goes to follow her man to find out if he is unfaithful to her!? Well, that is the past! On MobileTracker.TheTruthSpy you can find help if you need to go undercover! This sophisticated spying software features more than fifteen spying features. It is an all-in-one spying software that can be used for monitoring any smartphone. What makes this app great is its compatibility with Android devices as well as iOS devices.

The software operates in stealth mode so that no one can discover it. As the name implies, TheTruthSpy is genuinely your personal spy that can help you to find out what your boyfriend is using his smartphone for. Relationships, just like people, are very complex, but no one deserves to be cheated on. Therefore, we suggest that you only use the above method only if necessary or if your partner does not want to cooperate.

Finally, if this or similar tech methods fail, you can always rely on help of a reliable person. You can hire a private investigator who will find out all the details about your boyfriend’s whereabouts for you. It might sound old-fashioned, but sometimes this method is the best choice because an agent can provide you with a lot of material that you can use to confront your partner. The fees for such services vary significantly and we advise you to choose this method as your last option. In other words, if you have been deceived by your boyfriend, you do not have to go broke!


We advise you to think about your feelings and the overall experience of the relationship. Ask yourself if your relationship makes sense it had at the time before the complications started. Changes do not necessarily have to occur because something bad like fraud happened. Therefore, talking to your partner first is crucial. If for some reason, you do not find understanding and cooperation on his end, this is the moment for the alarm to go off!

Knowing your partner’s intentions and feelings is the key moment for decision-making in such a relationship. If, unfortunately, it turns out that your fears were justified, you should feel free to give yourself enough time to embrace the pain and come out stronger. Whatever the reasons for partner’s dishonest behavior, it is his responsibility and it has nothing to do with you. Good luck!