How Can You Get Emergency Cash?

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Life is unpredictable and it might always happen. Sudden major breakdowns in a flat or home, a good offer for a financial investment that could entirely change your life, a serious illness of an elderly family member, starting your own business, accumulated unpaid bills, betting… Yes – all these factors can lead to a situation where you simply need to get the money somehow. In such situations, we consider the things that we might have never considered in order to achieve what we want or need.

Well, we certainly don’t really know what are the reasons that have led you to open Google browser and type “how to get money quickly”. What we know is that you’re here now, reading this text, and being at the right place to find ideas available to everyone and achieve your goal.

Here we represent some methods you might want to use to get cash quickly and easily without robbing a bank or selling your organs. We prepared for you three ways to obtain the money that you’ll need to return at some point, but also three ways to get it without having to pay it off later. Keep scrolling and reading!

Bank loans

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If you need extra money for a project or to pay some outstanding debts, surely it has come to your mind to ask for a loan from a bank. Sure, you’re not the only one. The loans granted to families grow by 22% annually, especially for housing, which is 28.4%.

The calculations of almost all the loans are made by the same financial institutions, but, nevertheless, when exploring all the options, we recommend that you also make your own numbers, calculate the amount of the money you’re going to need and then compare it with those given by your advisor.

This way you can choose between two options: to pay very small monthly installments, which allows you to repay the loan without pressure or hurry, or to choose the one that sets you free from paying off as soon as possible by requiring bigger installments. You just need to opt for the least stressful one.

Title loans online

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Like TFC Title Loans, these companies offer quick emergency loans that will allow you to resolve your financial situation in the blink of an eye by taking your car or another vehicle as collateral and most often they don’t even take your car from you! Of course, all this is followed by appropriate interest, but that’s a frequent circumstance anyway, is it?

The loans have certain deadlines by which they have to be repaid and many enterprises. The loan application to companies like LoanMart can be submitted online and within a few minutes, with the minimum necessary documentation required to submit in order to process the financial service.  It doesn’t matter if you live in Cape Coral or any other part of the country – you’re free to try. And the best thing about this is the fact that these companies guarantee discretion in business and a high level of professionalism.


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Overdrafts could be a great solution. They allow you to purchase groceries when there’s no food in the house nor any money in your wallet, or to pay bills in order to prevent having your services cut off. One of the advantages of this system is a quick approval – in most banks, it doesn’t count towards credit load, which means that it doesn’t affect creditworthiness.

But anyway, you should only use the overdraft when you really, really need it. Many financial institutions charge high-interest rates on overdraft loans. And, if you don’t pay the loan back, you could lose your account, so you need to be careful with this one. That’s why you should make sure you pay close attention to how much interest the bank charges because the differences can be quite drastic. Bank-to-bank interest rates range from 20 percent to 43 percent annually.

If all these things with banks and loans aren’t really your cup of tea, you can always turn to some more creative solutions that won’t require a payoff. Here you have some of our suggestions.

Share your house or a free room with tourists

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Do you know that empty room in your house that no one ever uses? Well – clean it, put in some nice furniture if you don’t already have it inside and make it available to tourists. This could be a great thing if your city is considered to be well-visited by many.

By using rental websites, you’ll be able to choose the available dates and the price you want to rent – the most popular one is Airbnb, but there are also other, less-known ones that offer the same possibilities. Before that, make sure you find out how much you can earn for renting your accommodation. Of course, this idea could make some easy money for you…well, if you don’t mind sharing your house.

Sell or resell some things you didn’t necessarily make by yourself

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Pawnbrokers are people who’ll pay in cash for any of your belongings that are not disposable or perishable, so don’t wait more – take your items to the pawnshop and exchange them for some money. The only disadvantage that could appear is that pawnbrokers usually pay very little money for some items and they won’t haggle – you’ll need to decide if you’ll accept the offer or not. For example, you should expect to receive $60 for a $500 bike, but quick cash is quick cash. In most cases, you should only go to a pawn shop if you really need the money right now you don’t have other options available since they won’t pay you much for your items.

One more alternative – resell things to collectors. You may find it difficult to sell your child’s toys, for example, but they can be a very good source of money, especially if you have taken care of them or kept them well preserved. This way you can get a significant amount of money by contacting the right people.

There are markets for collectors related to absolutely anything with any cultural significance – from commemorative plaques to video games. To choose the best possibility, use computer resources – websites that specialize in collectibles can help you calculate which collectibles are sold in your area. Or you could sell ​​online as well. You’ll often receive a better price online than from a local collector, and this can expand your clientele for some future earnings if necessary.

Sell your crafts

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We are not all equal. Not everyone wants to wear the same clothes that everyone wears. Or decorate the house in the same way. Nor do we have the same ideas. We are different and more and more people are looking to express their individuality, their values and their philosophy of life, through their purchases, but also through their creativity and hand made items and crafts.

If you enjoy the crafts and you’re good at making them, you may prefer to sell your finished ones on the Internet. Depending on the method you use, you can receive payment immediately or after delivery. You can make and sell jewelry, paintings, drawings, DIY items and home ornaments on auction websites or organize a yard sale – there are many possibilities to turn your talent and creativity into a quick cash source.