How To Buy SoundCloud Plays And Reach Charts

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It’s important to become an established music artist over a great platform such as SoundCloud. SoundCloud happens to be the biggest audio sharing platform, present out there with a library of more than 125 million songs and about 1 million plays daily. In beats even Spotify and some of the big players out there in the market.

With over 175 million users, it has provided career opportunities to a lot of people. Many of the music stars have excelled in their careers, due to SoundCloud and the amazing as well as a unique feature that it provides.

But for that, it’s quite important to have a good profile which reflects a positive image of you, your progress and your business.

And by doing all this, you will get to the top of SoundCloud Charts, and a lot of people will come to know about you. They will become your fans, and some of them will also follow your content crazily.

But for reaching the charts to get many plays, and for a great profile which presents a good brand image of you, what are the steps which you should take in order to do that?

Well, let’s have a look at some of them.

Ways to get to the top

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The first method of reaching to the top, getting your music played by millions, and becoming famous with your SoundCloud profile will be related to creating a network.

Look, it’s quite obvious that if you want to be at the top, then you will have to be with the top people. All of them won’t come at once and also, not that easily.

But if you manage to grab their attention, then you can start working with them. You can also collaborate with them so that you get great exposure to their professional style and technique.

And as you will collaborate with them, you will also get the chance to meet their fans. Meeting new fans is always great, as, in a way, you are not meeting new fans but expanding your existing base. Your following always means the number of plays you can get on SoundCloud, a solid ground you can kick off from. If you do not consider an idea to buy SoundCloud followers or plays something criminal, well, it’s worth doing it regularly by small portions to strengthen your account. But don’t let it carry you away because the biggest goal is to improve your numbers in an organic way. Consider these options to buy some extra increase just a helping hand on your long and thorny path.

Engaging in social media marketing will also help you a lot. Hardcore social media marketing will mean that you will have to promote your tracks over all the major platforms. Be it Instagram, Twitter, or even Facebook. While on planning your strategy, consider visiting PlaysWiz for SoundCloud plays, and then fuse the boost with your existing marketing efforts on social media, such as doing a post on Instagram or showing a commercial on YouTube.

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Uploading Instagram stories as well as posts, and your songs on IGTV, will help you in bringing traffic over to your SoundCloud page, and that’s how the audience will start playing your content.

And even over YouTube, you can do the same thing. You will have to upload short clips of your work so that people get excited after listening to them, and head over to your page to give your music some more plays.

The third method of reaching the top will include collecting feedback from the users and also improving and acting according to the demand.

After all, the organic users are going to play your music on SoundCloud and take you to the top of charts, and therefore if they have suggestions for you, then the best thing would be to follow them and bring in all the changes.

If you are regular with the feedback process, as well as catering to the needs of the people, for the most part, then they will definitely end up having a positive review about you.

Therefore, that’s something to bring into consideration.

Buying SoundCloud Play: the Easy way

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Well, those were the ways in which you will get to the top. But if you think that if you are in a hurry, and if you want to try something new in order to reach the charts, then you can also buy SoundCloud Plays.

The more the number of Plays you will register over your profile, the more the users will be attracted.  In fact, when we talk about working with big clients, then the number of plays do become important as they present an image of you as a music artist, as well as your tracks, which you have recorded over the period of time.


These were some of the ways in which you can buy SoundCloud plays to reach the charts, without much difficulty. Follow these recommendations and your career will be changed!