How to find Right Neighborhood for you in Seattle WA?

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When it comes to living in a safe place, hangout, perfect for home buying and exploring beautiful, spectacular views, Seattle WA is one of the best places in the US. This city is surrounded by water, mountains and urban forest. It’s home to the greatest tech industry and a very good place to buy home.

A little about Seattle Neighbourhoods:

As per the statistics, roughly more than 60% of Washington residents live in the Seattle metropolitan area which is a center of industry, tech, and business. If your new in Seattle and trying to figure out which place is best to live in, your search ends here. Sammamish Mortgage has done research for you and come with some popular neighborhood.

1. Windermere

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This place is located at the shoreline of Lake Washington, Windermere is surrounded by the eye-catching views and positive atmosphere. If you are shifting to Seattle with family, then it is the best place for you. The average home prices are around $435,600 and rent from $1,300 to $6,000, respectively.
This place is for the individuals who love to live in peace, safe and quite. In the event, if you find a good apartment here, you can take the help of a mortgage broker who can help you in regarding the home loan process.

2. Belltown

This place is perfect for the bachelors because it is always filled with shops, bars, pubs, galleries, cafes and Indies boutiques. Here mostly young man move, buy home and settle their business. Right from the eateries to shopping malls when you live in you never feel bored. The average home prices are around $509,000 and rent is $ 2,400

3. Downtown

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Comparatively speaking, downtown is a very affordable and popular place for young families. The public transportation is round the clock available, schools are there, shops, malls, cafes and very walkable neighborhood for the people who want to live in a place whose history is attached with ancient museums and artifacts.
The average home prices are around $775,000 and rent goes $2,200. In the event.

4. Pioneer Square

This place is also known as Portland, Oregon, it is located right across from the ferry. It’s the most pleasant place to live in and always feel you safe. On the first Thursday of every month, you will see here giant artwork which has been going on for more than 30 years. There two renowned schools nearby and the average home cost is $775,000, and the rent goes around $2,200 respectively.

5. West Seattle

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This place is located at the west of the Duwamish River and very calm and peaceful place. There are so many weekend gateways like Alki beaches, drinking concert, wine tasting option, waterfalls and shopping malls. An airport has added a bonus for the traveler. There are plenty of schools in this area. Here you will find mansions, rent home, an apartment. The average cost of homes is $806,000, and rent goes around $ 2,500 respectively.

Final say

We hope our researched help you make the right choice to perfectly matches your lifestyle. In the event, if you need of mortgage broker for the availing request of home loan, without thinking much, get in touch with us.