Is Surface Hub 2 The Future of Collaborative Work?

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The next offering in collaborative technology from Microsoft, the Surface Hub 2 is finally here and is already starting to leave its print on the business world by showing companies new ways to collaborate and present their visions. Building upon the solid foundations of the original one, this latest update completely revamps how you and your team will collaborate. Kinly explains what it is and how you can use it below.

Surface Hub 2: What Is It?

This is a collaborative technology that allows multiple users to chat, work together, present and so much more. It’s an all-in-one system that covers all the bases, starting out as a simple smartboard that transforms into something so intelligent and sophisticated that you’ll struggle to remember how you worked without it.

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This is designed to take meetings mobile, giving versatility to how you can collaborate, whilst also encouraging people to get off their feet and be more emotive, expressive, and creative. The crisp 4K+ display is sure to bring your ideas to life and show everyone the true beauty of your ideas, whilst full pen and touch integration makes it easier than ever to work and design.

Available in a 55” display and with an 85” option available from next year, It’s more than capable of multitasking to allow multiple users to edit on the device simultaneously. Skype Business and Microsoft Teams meetings are both available on it, so you won’t have to worry about getting used to entirely new platforms; it’ll feel familiar yet distinctively fresh from the get-go.

Simply log in to OneDrive to access your files, or project them seamlessly using Miracast to showcase them to a wider audience. You’ll also be able to continue using Office 365, as well as leading 3rd party apps, so the switch over to Surface Hub 2 will be entirely seamless.

How Is It An Upgrade on Surface Hub?

To start off, one of the biggest things you’ll notice is how much thinner and lighter the Hub 2 is – its 40% lighter than the original and you can really feel the difference. This gulf in weight makes the Surface Hub 2 so much more portable and useful when on the go – you can even put in on a wheel stand for easy transportation between rooms! The thinner bezels also work to give a sleeker look when using them together in a video wall style.

On top of this, the Surface Hub 2 can also be used wirelessly, with an external battery pack available so you can use the high-powered computer in any location. Alternatively, the maneuverable stand is great for moving it around a room or between rooms, giving a more interactive feel to meetings and presentations.

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On top of all of this, the processor cartridge can be continuously updated as new updates become available, so your Surface Hub 2 will remain ahead of the technological curve without the need for a replacement – this keeps your business futureproof when it comes to collaborative working.

The update next year will also coincide with the release of a larger 85” version, which we can’t wait to see in action with the new dynamic rotation feature! This is sure to entirely change the way that we view things and give us new ways to envisage and create going forward.

How Can It Be Used For Your Business?

With such a versatile style, the Surface Hub 2 is suitable for almost any business, as you can utilize it in a way that suits you; there’s no specific way to use it, so finding processes and features that help you is a big part of the initial learning curve. If video communication is a big factor at your company, you’ll be pleased to hear that the 4K+ display screen and improved microphone/speaker combination giving greater clarity and confidence as you pitch to people across the globe.

Is this the future of collaboration? It’s hard to tell yet, but what we do know is that with the firepower behind it, it’s sure to propel businesses that utilize it to its fullest and make a huge mark on the entire workplace collaboration landscape in the coming years.