Jobs That Robots Can Do Better Than Humans

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The technology of the 21st century is providing us with so many opportunities that we couldn’t have imagined a few decades ago. Nowadays there are some jobs that didn’t exist 10 or 15 years ago, and we cannot wait to see what others are going to appear in the future.

However, the jobs of the future are not the topic of this text. Instead, we are going to focus on current work that is managed by humans, but they could be totally replaced with robots. Don’t be alarmed, this doesn’t mean that you are going to lose your job. We are simply going to discuss the other side of the medal and tell you how one can use AI to improve their proficiency and facilitate all the tasks.

Warehouse stocking

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Every manufacturing company has a warehouse area where they keep all their products before shipping them to stores. Usually, tons of boxes of goods are stocked here and moving them all around is no easy task. Not only are these boxes extremely heavy, but they also have a special place where they have to be, according to the organization and shipping schedule.

As you know, the Christmas season is one of the busiest ones, which means that employees have their hands full, so they could use some help. This is where robots come in. They do not only facilitate the work of the employees, but they also ensure that everything functions as smooth as possible and the customers receive their packages on time.


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While on the subject of lifting heavy objects, we have to mention construction sites. There are so many tasks that can be completed by robots, quickly and efficiently. In addition, they can be extremely useful in the glazing industry.

Glass is a material that can easily be damaged, regardless of how careful one is when handling it, accidents do happen. However, nowadays, managers can use the smart lift gazing robots that are going to help the staff in the process of installing windows, glass doors, walls, and so on. There are different kinds of models of these robots and you can learn more about them on

Pharmacy dispenser

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Even though this can sound very strange, when you think about it, it kind of makes sense. You know, you approach this machine, and the computer gets your prescription and gives you your medicine. There is already one of these operating at the University of California, in San Francisco. According to their data, there wasn’t a single error in the 350,000 doses.

Another great thing about these is that the computer will notify you if the prescription drugs might interfere with some other medications you are currently taking. On the other hand, the fact that there isn’t a person you can ask for help if you have some doubts might be a downfall of this system.


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If you want to advertise your business, this is a service that you can outsource, instead of hiring people and save a lot of money. This is a job that doesn’t require high levels of social skills and emotions. You have probably already had this type of conversation before.

People call you, tell you everything they have to about the company and their offer, and it is up to you to decide whether you are interested or not. These are usually some basic, general information. What’s more, telemarketing is not the best way of advertising today. It cannot secure large revenues for the companies, so this is something that can be automated.

Instead of employing people who are going to sit at their desk for 8 hours every day, calling potential customers, you could outsource this service and hire those who are going to help you come up with new products and improve the ones that you are already selling thus help your company grow.

Store clerks

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Many larger stores all around the world have already adopted this system. Instead of employing people whose job is to scan the goods and take the money from the customers, they opted for using specially designed machines. They work just the same – a customer approached, scans each item, the computer processes it and present them with the final cost, and a person simply pays for it.

A similar thing goes for bank tellers. When one goes to a bank, they usually have some common questions that have been already asked by dozens if not hundreds of other people or require some ordinary service. Some banks are already experimenting with this type of robots, so we can expect that more and more of these are going to be employed in the future.


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This use of robots has been debated largely in the last few years. Some people might say that a computer cannot be as efficient as a human can when it comes to checking someone’s use of language and grammar. You know, language is something that changes constantly because there are always new words and phrases, colloquial expressions and so on.

But, there are multiple apps that have been created specifically for this purpose and that millions of people use them on a daily basis, you know programs like Grammarly and even basic Microsoft Office’s grammar checker. Since, generally speaking, we have been relying more and more on our devices, we are sure that this type of software is going to be further improved in the future.

Market Analysis

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We cannot stress enough how important market research is for any type of company. It is the only way for managers to learn about the customer’s opinions about their products and service. This analysis allows them to learn whether some of their merchandise is flawed or whether they need to work on developing some of the features in order to increase sales.

Instead of employing people who are going to speak with the customers and later work on organizing all the data, you can simply send surveys via email and use a computer to process all the data. Not only is this going to facilitate the entire process, but the occurrence of errors is also going to decrease.

All in all, in this article we have discussed eight jobs that can be done by robots instead of humans. Some of these have already implemented this type of service while others are still testing and deciding whether artificial intelligence is the right choice.