7 Steps to Keep A/V Equipment Safe at Your Events

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 In every event, audio and video equipment are used to entertain the audience. These devices are relatively expensive, and therefore, you have to handle them with care. On electromarket.co.uk, you can buy various event equipment like speakers, microphones, musical instruments, etc. If you lose any device as an event planner, you have to spend a lot of money to buy a new one. Therefore, it is necessary to keep these devices safe to avoid any loss. 

On stageconcepts.co.uk, you can get complete stage packages that include all the necessary items for the events. You can take advice regarding the management of this equipment. It can help you to keep things safe on the show. As a beginner, it can be challenging for you to deal with the hassle. But if you follow all the mentioned steps in this write-up, you can keep the A/V equipment safe at your events.

1. Prepare of List of Equipment that You Have

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It is necessary to prepare a list of all the audio and video equipment you have at the event. Keep tracking it all the time till the show gets over. If you are sending any device from one place to another, make sure that you keep a record of it. Always remember that your devices are circulating from one corner to another as per the team’s needs. 

When the event is over, you have to gather all the devices and count them. Check your list and ensure that you have all the equipment with you. In this way, you will not lose any device. You should also check small things like manuals, cables, etc. You cannot afford to lose any item, and therefore, you have to keep a record of them every time. 

2. Write Down the Serial Numbers on Equipment Before Your Show

No matter whether you have purchased or rented any item, you have to keep them with you safely. You must write down serial numbers on every item before your show starts. Make sure that you remember those numbers. 

In this way, you can ask for any item from any member. If you miss any piece, it is easy for you to know. You can also search any device on your premises. You can increase your chance of managing the equipment in a better way. 

3. Write Down the Names of the Members Who have Specific Device

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Many people are required to manage a single event, and therefore, it is hard to trace any equipment used by any member. Whenever you hand over any item, make sure that you write down the name of the member to ensure that he has it, and he will hand it over to you at the end of the day. 

If you do not receive any device from any member, that person will be responsible for the loss. This step will simplify your management work. Every member will be responsible for the security of the device they will take from you. 

4. Lock all the Loose Items

You can have various loose audio and video equipment at the events like cables, microphones, etc. You must lock them or keep them in a box. In this way, all the devices will remain in the same place. 

Whenever you need any item, you can unlock them and take one. But when you take any item, make sure that you note how many devices are out of the box. In this way, you can manage the devices with ease. There will be no hassle in managing loose items at the event. 

5. Use Password to Lock All the Wireless Networks

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If you are providing Wi-Fi service to your audience, then make sure that it is password protected. Keep a strong password to avoid getting it hacked. You have to configure some router settings to hide its name. 

Anyone who asks for Wi-Fi is allowed to have the password. Many people in the audience can take advantage of the Wi-Fi network, i.e., accessible to all. If you are providing such a service, make sure that you give them welcome packages. People can pay for this service when they attend your event. 

6. Never Forget to Leave Your A/V Devices Unattended

Sometimes, you have a bunch of equipment, and you do not have enough time to handle them. But it is a common mistake which you should avoid. Never leave the room full of these devices and take care of them by staying there until another person comes there to help you. Anyone can pick the item from that place and sell it in the market. In the end, you will suffer the loss. You should take care of this thing and stay around the equipment. 

7. Stay Alert

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No matter where you are in the event, you have to stay alert all the time. You can be very busy at the venue, but it does not mean that you avoid audio and video equipment lying in any room. It is necessary to stay where all the devices are kept to avoid any loss. If you are unable to stay with the equipment, it is better to hire a person to do this job. You can also take favor of your friends to take care of the A/V devices. 

The Bottom Line 

If you are an event planner, there is a lot of hassle in your job. But it does not mean that you neglect the safety of the equipment. You have to take care of every device you have at the venue to avoid any loss. Ensure that you follow all the mentioned steps in this write-up to stay alert and take care of the equipment.

Many beginners do not know much about this hectic job, and they may make several mistakes. If you are one of them, you should prepare yourself for such challenges. These steps will help you to stay organized and remember all the things you need to take care of.