6 Reasons Why Vaping Is The Best Way To Quit Smoking – 2024 Guide

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Until the 1950s, it was not known exactly how harmful cigarettes are and they were even advertised as something healthy. From then until today, it is known that prolonged use causes many diseases, mostly deadly ones. Yet that hasn’t stopped billions of people from smoking after all. But today there is a noticeable trend more than ever before that people decide to quit smoking. The reasons are mostly health, but also financial because cigarettes are very expensive in most countries of the Western world.

As with any addiction, the period after quitting smoking is very difficult. An abstinence crisis will occur in everyone and it is a period when many do not endure, but start smoking again. That is why on market appeared electronic cigarettes, which brought many great things.  They can help you treat this addiction in many ways. If you are still considering whether to buy vape, read the reasons why vaping is the best way to quit smoking.

What is vape?

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Known by various names, the most common vape or electronic cigarette is a device that will give you a similar sensation as smoking a regular cigarette. It has batteries and a tank or cartridge in it that contains what produces smoke and what you inhale. There is also a heater that heats the substance. It can have different substances in it, and propylene glycol is the most common. In addition, it can have nicotine as well as different flavors. It contains much less or no bad substances in cigarettes and is, therefore, a much better choice.

Reasons why it is the best way to quit smoking

1. Reduced amount of addictive substances

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Many people mistakenly think that nicotine is the only harmful substance that can be found in cigarettes and that only this substance is addictive. But this is not true, because there are dozens of substances that are inside and that harm your health and make this addiction so strong and you never heard for most of them. When you switch to vape, you will no longer consume in all these different substances, and nicotine may or may not be inside, that will be up to you. The main ingredients arepropylene glycol and vegetable glycerol which are not considered harmful. If you choose a flavor, it is the same flavor used for food, so it is completely safe for consumption. There are various flavors and they are all popular, and as experts from the company Dashvapes tell us, menthol is probably the most popular.

2. Much cheaper

Finances are often one of the main reasons why people stop smoking. But if, despite spending a lot of money, it is difficult for youm to quit, then this is a great alternative, which, in addition to being healthier, is also much cheaper. Of course, the amount of money you spend depends on consumption, but the money you would otherwise spend per day will be enough for a whole week. Then it is clear to you how much cheaper this is. Cigarettes are very expensive, while you buy device once, and later you only refill it. Unlike cigarettes, which are constantly becoming more expensive, the manufacturers of electronic ones are trying to keep the price the same and affordable.

3. Getting rid of unpleasant smell

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Even passionate smokers don’t like the smell of cigarettes that is felt everywhere. From the mouth and fingers, all the way to the wardrobe and the whole house, the unpleasant smell of tobacco smoke can be felt everywhere. But when you use vape, there is no unpleasant smell, on the contrary. The smell is the same as the taste, so it will always be something pleasant. Also the smoke is completely different, it does not burn the eyes. For many, this will help them quit smoking, once they realize that they no longer feel tobacco smoke all around them. The stale smell on clothes cannot be pleasant to anyone.

4. Avoiding cold turkey

Cold turkey, if you are unfamiliar with the term, refers to the abrupt cessation of taking any substance that causes addiction. How exactly this term originated is not known, there are several theories, but one is certain. And that is that it is very uncomfortable and significantly complicates the whole quitting process. It will certainly be difficult for you, but there is no need to experience a cold turkey because it is very likely that it will be too much of an obstacle and that you will give up. Many studies have shown that if people try to get rid of addictions in this way they have much less success than if they do it gradually. Nothing can help you better than vaping. You will choose nicotine refills, and over time you will buy ones that have less and less nicotine until you are totally of nicotine. In this way, the body will gradually get rid of physical addictions and you will not have abstinence crises that can even be fatal.

5. Replacement therapy

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Nicotine replacement therapy includes various products that are intended to make it easier for you to get rid of addiction, and these include patches, gums, spray, etc. But smokers agreed that none of these things were as useful as vape. First of all, because this is much more similar to smoking, so it is a better replacement. And then because you can control the dose of nicotine and reduce it gradually which will be much more helpful than patches for example.

6. Oral fixation

Everyone who smokes for many years has oral fiction and is used to having something in their mouth all the time. During quitting, this becomes one of the biggest problems and then various alternatives are sought. Some opt for candy, others choose toothpicks, some chew gum, but vape is definitely the best option because it will create exactly the same impression as smoking a cigarette. Then you will not have problems with oral fixation at all.


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It is no coincidence that electronic cigars have achieved such great popularity in a very short period of time. The reason is precisely that they are immeasurably more helpful during the quitting process than anything else man has ever invented.