How to Make Side Money with a CNC Machine in 2024


Once you have decided on this step and bought CNC machines, it is time to take action and earn as much as possible on them. However, for many, the beginning is very difficult or they are stuck somewhere in the middle because they cannot achieve everything they imagined. Our advice is to take small steps towards great victories. Every job has several stages that you have to go through.

So, it refers to the idea, planning, resources, etc. On the other hand, you must have both a good strategy and perseverance. If you are still not sure how to make more money with CNC machines, keep reading and learn more about it.

Think about what you are better at


This generally applies to every business segment, but we specifically mean marketing. It’s a slightly more complicated topic for people who haven’t had any experience with it so far. So, think a little better about your abilities when it comes to sales and advertising. For example, you may be better at local sales than online or vice versa. In any case, reconsider, because that can greatly affect your further decisions.

So, maybe you are really good at the whole business and you are doing great. However, pay attention to the difference between marketing and sales. Are you really equally good when you need to do face-to-face work in real time or while planning production? When you understand what you are better at, you have the opportunity to move in one direction and thus improve your work. It brings you more customers, and therefore more money.

Upgrade your business

When it comes to competition, you will only beat it if you recognize their shortcomings. However, you will only succeed if you focus primarily on your business and your weaknesses that you need to overcome. Depending on your capabilities, choose what you want to work on in order to be able to upgrade your business. If you have the necessary equipment, consider some tactics you can apply. But if you don’t have the equipment needed for success, then you should focus on that. Search the websites of various CNC machine manufacturers such as elephant-cnc and consider which CNC router is ideal for your needs. Until you buy it, let it be your main goal.

Only if you analyze your target audience can you understand whether your main weapon will be low prices or niche. When it comes to low prices, don’t be afraid of bankruptcy. You should take advantage of you being small business and use your pros to fight big ones. This way you will achieve a secure income if you provide your customers with an equally good but cheaper product. On the other hand, when you opt for a particular niche you will have to agree to some compromises and apply optimization when it comes to details.

Explore area where you live


When we mention a niche, there is a very simple way to use this for the best purposes. The point is to start with your area. Whether you live in a small or large place, act like a big entrepreneur. This means that you should make the most of Google search to reach people living near you in every way possible. When you live in a small town, it is not difficult to surpass local shops. So then geography goes in your favor.

For example, you have diligently researched the areas in which machine shops are located. If you have noticed several of them, our advice is to knock on their door and offer your services. All you have to do is introduce yourself as a person who produces some great parts that they may need. If you analyze such actions in detail, you will know who your services are most suitable for. And these are your business opportunities that you must not miss, because you have the opportunity to earn more. The point is that even though these stores have their parts, you can always provide them with spare parts if something wears out.

Process optimization

In addition to the niche, we have process optimization as another way to improve our business. For example, some people offer only small projects and clients refuse their services. They can also set them too high a price, so they certainly don’t get the job. Either way, you can jump in if you are willing to do things according to the needs of others. So, that means a compromise and you have to be willing to change ideas, machines, etc. Of course, the condition is that you are really good at this.

Inquire a little more about the competition and their offer. Depending on the needs of the market, equip yourself with the appropriate machines, which is a kind of compromise that you can reach if you have all the conditions. In this way, you may be the sole owner of some machines that are not so represented in your environment, and this automatically sets you apart from others. It can also be a larger capacity, materials, specialties such as some special seals, etc.

Design your own product


Awaken your interests and encourage creative thoughts. It is very likely that you will come up with something that is worth the effort and money. Of course, it is important that you are really passionate about it and that you care enough to do your best. When you achieve this you will surely enjoy the results later. Either way, it’s best to make a list of the products you normally like first. Then look at these products from a marketing perspective and evaluate their marketability. The internet can help you the most in that, because you will be able to see customer statistics online, etc.

You may eventually realize that this is the wrong product and decide on something else. So bet on your idea but don’t invest right away. When estimating marketability, focus on the productivity of the potential product and compare it to your production capacity. Remember that profitability is very important. Of course, you must not forget about your machines. A suitable machine must meet all operating conditions. Also consider the channel through which you will sell the products.

Social networks

Once you have received your product, it is important that you place it successfully. If you do not have a contract, social networks are a great platform that can find a lot of interested clients. All it takes is to dedicate yourself to building your company’s identity so that your services are well presented. Today, social networks and business are inseparable. In any case, this move costs you nothing, and can bring you great popularity and money.



We hope we have helped you come up with your answer. No matter what industry you are interested in, you could understand that it is not that difficult to make money with CNC machines. If you make an effort and remain consistent in this, you may have a bright future in the automotive, carpentry or other industries.