The Uses of Custom Embroidered Patches

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Embroidered patches come in a variety of sizes, designs, and colors, and can be made with a non-adhesive or iron-on backing. They can be used for a variety of purposes, from advertising your brand, identifying yourself as a member of a certain group, showing support for something you are passionate about, to expressing your personality and style.

Now you have the possibility of creating own designs and artwork that can then be printed on durable canvas material and cut to shape. They are extremely versatile, long-lasting, and are trendier than ever. There are several ways they can be used, but here are some of the most common ones.

1. Work Uniforms

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This is probably the most common use of patches and they are a simple solution to make your business stand out. Personalized uniforms also offer a sense of professionalism, are great for leaving good first impressions, and will offer assurance to a client that they are working with a highly-skilled professional. They can also be designed to contain the companies logo, employee’s names and ranks, and are especially great for industries that directly deal with customers.

2. Brand Promotion

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Not only are they great for increasing a client’s trust, but they can also be used as a great advertising and marketing tool. They can bring business exposure and can help a business’s name go a long way. When handing them out to loyal customers, they can attach it to their jackets, hats, travel bags, and more, meaning the patches are bound to draw attention. This can make people interested in a brand and their curiosity could eventually lead them to become customers. For additional information, you can read more here.

3. Charity Support

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Many love supporting a good cause and patches that have the name and logo of a charity are a great way for people to showcase that. Not only can they encourage more people to participate, but the proceedings will also be used to help the charity, making custom patches a great addition to any charity store.

4. School Teams

Schools and colleges can attach them onto a sports team’s uniform and they are a great way of showing pride and unity of a team. Incorporating school colors and its mascot onto patches are a great way to celebrate school teams, clubs, and end of the year events and parents can show support for their children by wearing them on jackets, caps, or shirts.

5. Band Merchandise

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You can add something new to the table with patches that contain your band’s logo, name, or an album cover. They are very trendy right now, so people are always looking for new designs they can attach to their clothing. Make sure that your design stands out and truly shows your band’s style which can also result in bringing further exposure to your music.

If you are an artist, you can print your artwork on patches and sell them online. Try to make a variety of designs that will fit different tastes of different people and help them add flair to their outfits with your custom embroidered patches.


These patches are a low-cost investment that can offer numerous benefits. They can do wonders for increasing the respectability of one’s business, bring more exposure to a company or cause, and they are great for adding a personal touch to any uniform or outfit.