4 Places You Can Drive A Tank

Until recently, it wasn’t possible to drive a tank unless you joined the tank division of the military. However, an astute businessman struck upon the idea to bring novel experiences to everyone.

A handful of tank-driving safaris have popped up over the past few years. Tank driving is particularly popular in the UK and the US, but opportunities are also popping up in other countries around the world as well.

If you want to drive a tank, head to these locations.

Imperium Battleground, Kent, UK

The ultimate tank driving experience in the UK is at the Imperium Battleground in Kent about an hour’s drive from London. The guys will even come and pick you up in a Unimog or G-Wagon Wolf to drive you to the site.

The tanks at Imperium Battlegrounds are the iconic Grenadier-Schützenpanzer, a 15-ton beast that was used by the Austrian military. With a maximum speed of 40mph, these versatile machines can really scuttle across the diverse and challenging terrain of Imperium’s 80-acre site.

The tank driving experience lasts for a whole hour – one of the longest we’ve seen. You are given a crash course by a qualified driver which takes around 15-20 minutes, giving you a good 40-minutes to take the controls and let rip.

Battlefield Vegas, Las Vegas Nevada

Source: cityseeker.com

Battlefield Vegas not only gives you the opportunity to take the controls of a tank. You also get to crush a car. This is a truly unique experience but sadly doesn’t last very long. You get about 10-minutes which for $2500 is an expensive 10-minutes.

The tanks at Battlefield Vegas are the monster Chieftain Mk8 tank which was used by the British military between the 1960s and the 1990s. The maximum speed is only 25mph but when you crushing a car, speed is not important – it’s the 55 tons of monster machinery that’s important.

Tankodrome, Vilnius, Lithuania

Tankodrome in Vilnius a short drive from the Lithuanian capital’s city centre gives you the opportunity to drive a tank across 1000-metres of forest path. For a cost of 165 euros, this is the least expensive tank driving experience on our list.

The tanks are the 15-tonne British tracked armoured personnel carrier FV432 which can hot a maximum speed of 32mph which feels much faster when you bomb along a first trail.

Tankride, Australia

Source: tankadventures.com.au

Tankride is the only location in Australia that offers the opportunity to get into the seat of a military vehicle. They have a choice between either a 1.9 litre or 2.7 turbo diesel Hugglands BV206 tracked cargo vehicle or a genuine unmodified 52-ton Centurion Guntank used in the Vietnam war.

The minimum age to drive a tank in Australia is 10 years old – the youngest we’ve seen (it’s usually 12 y.o.). Drivers learn how to work the controls, master the gearbox and navigate hills and mud crossings.

So now we’ve whet your appetite, where will you go for your first tank driving experience?