Planning to retire? These are the best places to do this!

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When people are finishing their careers and planning to take a rest from working and retire, they usually start asking themselves where should they spend their retirement. There are numerous places to do this, and all of them are great. We would present those that would be satisfactory both in living conditions and expenses.

1. Spain

Spain is known to be one of the most popular tourist destinations not only in Europe but in the world. Furthermore, it is important to mention that it is regulated by EU standards and that there are a lot of beautiful places and beaches apart from the most popular ones. We should point out that the North of Spain offers the best possible climate and nature since there is seaside but there are beautiful forests, mountains, rivers lakes etc. some of the best areas are Basque County and Navarre. Also, the cost of living in Spain is among the lowest in the EU.

2. Thailand

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The climate and cuisine of this country make it very popular and if we add the fact that there are various retirement programs offered in this country, this is it. The cuisine may be a bit strange for the people from the EU and the USA, but they would surely learn to love it and enjoy it in the warm and very beautiful climate, beaches and seas.  Also, the cost of living is very cheap, so you can rent a beautiful apartment for 400USD.

3. Peru

This is a hidden paradise for retirement since this country has it all: long and beautiful beaches are nicely combined with great mountain ranges, and, above all, it is also very rich in history and with lots of places to visit. On the top of this all, the cost of living is very low, so the prices for rents and foods and drinks may even seem ridiculous for the people coming from the West part of EU or the USA and Canada.

4. Portugal

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One of the top European tourist destinations, as well, it is rich in beautiful nature and geography combined with great summer resorts. Also, one of the perks of the country is the fact that it is not expensive. Accommodation and food are very affordable, and the cuisine is also great and delicious. Above all, the local population is very friendly so they will make your stay in Portugal even more pleasant.

5. Colombia

The climate here is perfect for those who like the combination of summer and fall since the temperature here is ideal and combined with lots of sunny but pleasant days. Also, the mountains, rivers and beautiful forests are great for visiting and hiking. On top of it all, cheap accommodation, food and transportation make this ideal for retirement.

6. Malaysia

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This country is the paradise in South-Eats Asia since it has a nice climate and stunning beaches, but, there are also nice mountains, forests, and lakes as well. The prices in restaurants are very affordable as well in supermarkets. Also, accommodation is more than affordable for people coming from the USA, for example. Let’s just mention that apartment rent is only 400USD a month.

7. Ecuador

Yet another South-American country and it is here or a reason: it has a great history and cuisine that are combined with great prices for food and rent and the combination of splendid beaches and mountain ranges makes this country perfect for retirement. You can even buy your own house at the beach for only 150,000USD.

8. Mexico

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Despite all the crime represented on TV, Mexico is ideal for retirement since it has a lot to offer: friendly people, great climate and perfect accommodation for not a lot of money. We know that cuisine is great, well, combining it with the coastal life and great weather, and you get the destination for you.

9. Costa Rica

The things that make this country so attractive to people who are retiring are the world-class medical care and it goes side by side with great and cheap cuisine and accommodation offer.

10. Panama

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Even though it is not known, this is a paradise for retirement since 2000USD can be enough to have a great life in great weather, enjoying the beach and good food and accommodation.