Elements That You Should Know to Reform Your Home – 2024 Guide

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Many times, when we look at an interior design magazine, we are amazed at the harmony that all the elements of the photo maintain, from the color and texture to the shapes and lighting. Although we do not detail what makes everything look so integrated, the truth is that, in order to achieve that final result, the effort of professionals who have applied certain rules on the subject was required.

This time we bring you all the basic aspects you should know to decorate and reform your home.


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All the elements that you include in your decoration must have a purpose and all complement each other. There is a concordance between colors, textures, shapes etc.., translating into transmitting tranquility and peace.

To achieve harmony, each element must be part of a single unified message. It is highly recommended to have a clear and precise idea of ​​what you want to achieve before starting to reform your home. Remember to consider all the details: materials, colors, textures, concept, lighting, sizes, among others.

It is important to maintain harmony in the details. Simple and small items such as door frames, baseboards, or door handles can add great information to a room, so I’ll pay attention to everything. One of the latest trends in decoration is to innovate with the shape and color of the knobs, rosettes, or door handles. Keep in mind that it is the first contact you have with your home. To find the widest variety of styles, check out Brico-Valera.


As we already said, all the elements must have a purpose; however, this not only applies from the aesthetic point of view. It must also be functional and bring you well-being.

This furniture’s location will also be a determining factor for people to achieve life around them in a harmonious way.


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Another of the fundamental principles of interior decoration is that the whole design as a whole must be comfortable.

Therefore, it is necessary to care for and ensure aesthetics, functionality, and also that these two elements interact with people comfortably and efficiently.

These are the three basic principles that you should be clear about before starting to make the reform in your home. To give you a broader idea of ​​how to achieve this, we will go on to specify the details.

How can I achieve balance?


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We achieve balance based on the way in which we distribute the space. If we want to achieve an executive or formal environment, we must divide the space evenly.

For this, we will try to locate the elements reflecting each other. For example, by placing a table and two chairs around it, one in front of the other, we will be generating asymmetrical balance. Basically, to achieve this, we have to oppose the objects.

This type of layout is said to be formal because they provide a serious and sober look, so if we abuse this, it can end up feeling monotonous and predictable.


Achieving this distribution is a bit more complex; however, the end result is more interesting.

To achieve this, we have to resort and take into account the lines, shapes, colors, and textures, which will be repeated without asymmetrical balance.

Radial balance

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This type of balance is achieved very frequently at home, for example, in the dining room. By locating a central round table and around it, we place their chairs.

To achieve this, we must focus our attention on a central point and then have a series of elements around it that will give the sensation of emanating from it.


To achieve harmony, we must create patterns that will repeat and contrast throughout the design to provide visual information. That is what is known in interior design as a rhythm. It can be achieved by alternating the color palette or the size of the different elements.

Repeating the colors in different elements will achieve the desired visual effect, which is to make the eye of the viewer move and travel all over the place.


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The focal point of a room or room should be eye-catching and interesting to avoid making the environment feel monotonous or scattered.

Some spaces use the resource of the fireplace, for example, or a window with an interesting view. The important thing is that the center of attention has the power of visual appeal that attracts the viewer’s gaze.


In design, we can say that proportion refers to the way in which the size of different elements interacts. And the way these elements interact with space is known as scale.

Maintaining proportion and scale is essential to achieve harmony, comfort, and functionality in a space.

In nature, we can appreciate many harmonic examples of what proportion is. We only need to pay attention to find inspiration to reform our home.

With this basic information, you can begin to remodel your room, applying the elementary principles of design and achieve professional results.

Equipment and Facilities

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In case you are dealing with a complete renovation of your home, you should pay attention to every aspect of the house related to electric installations, pipes, roofs, isolation, and more. It is not a rare case when the renovation is not possible without the need to replace the whole system or main parts. On the other hand, while it might get more expensive, you can get benefits since you will assure your home with improved efficiency, comfort, and stability, for a longer time.

Choosing the Proper Materials

After you finish the detailed examination of your home and determine which parts of it require renovation, you will have to find proper materials that will suit both the design and quality and to improve the main features of your home. Renewing the existing materials and equipment is always more favorable since it is more affordable. However, you shouldn’t focus on saving money but rather on the installation of high-quality materials that will improve the comfort of your house or apartment.

Don’t Focus on Cheapest Solutions

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While it is advisable to look for more affordable solutions in case that they can be reliable and useful, you should know that most cheaper products offer lower quality and a shorter lifespan. Therefore, focus on the best possible option that will improve the quality of life and comfort of your home. There is high competition in the market between various manufacturers, but those who are offering much lower prices usually produce worse products. Renovation is a long-term solution. In that matter, you should invest as much as it is required to install more reliable products.

Hire Professionals

It is always a good thing when you have experience in all sorts of renovations, mechanics, electricity maintenance, and other common types of restoration in the home. However, if you lack experience or you don’t have enough time to deal with that, the best solution is to hire professionals with years of experience that will renovate your home in the best possible way. Also, experts can finish the job much faster, cleaner, and safer.


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If you are taking care of proper maintenance in your house or apartment, any kind of restoration or renovation will get much easier and less stressful. Be aware that each of those elements is necessary for a proper restoration process. In that matter, you should never rush with your choices about materials, equipment, and other things related to the reform of your home. There are many benefits of proper reformation.

For example, besides being more comfortable, your houses will also gain a bigger value. Moreover, the appearance of your home can become much more satisfying. When you are choosing garnitures, tiles, color for the walls, and other things, be sure to combine all of them in a way to improve the design of every part of the house. Luckily, there are many samples that you can find online and use as an idea for your renovation.