5 Signs it is Time to Replace Window Blinds on Your House

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The window blinds in your home are an important aspect of your home’s decor and furniture. The better your window blinds, the better a look they offer to your windows and to your home in general. Having good window blinds also ensures privacy at times when you need it the most while also allowing you to still have some light inside your home.

According to The Blinds Source, one of the country’s leading window treatment installation and repair services, it is imperative that you regularly check the integrity of your window blinds to see if they are still working optimally as ever. Window blinds can go horribly bad and most people don’t even realize it until they completely fall apart.

However, there are several signs that can tell you when the window blinds inside your home have reached their lifetime and need changing. If you aren’t aware of these signs, let us help you out with this article where we will list a detailed array of signs that clearly tell you that the window blinds inside your house need to be replaced by their better counterparts.

1. Your blinds have become discolored or faded

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One of the most common problems with white and light-colored slats is that they easily get discolored over time. White slats gradually turn into a dirty yellow that drags down the aesthetics of your entire home. Similarly, light-colored slats can also turn faded because of constant use for a long amount of time.

In case that your blinds become discolored, you should immediately consider replacing them. Having dirty slats on your blinds makes whoever comes inside your home think that you don’t take proper care of the place. You can replace these blinds with various other styles that don’t become discolored or faded over time such as wooden blinds.

You could also consider getting a darker shade of color while you are purchasing your new blinds – they will only help you in the long run because their discoloration doesn’t pop out as much even after a long time of use.

2. The slats are bent and broken beyond repair

Blinds are not exactly the sturdiest furniture piece on the planet. Over time, the slats in the blinds can get bent and broken in a way that even the most professional servicemen won’t be able to repair. In such cases, your obvious choice will be to hire a professional blinds agency that will help you reinstall brand-new replacements that are effectively much better than your previous ones.

If you want to ensure that you don’t get these broken blinds again, you should consider trying out vertical blinds that come in a definite shape or wooden blinds that have a unique anti-breaking design of their own.

These blinds protect your privacy and ensure complete safety of your children and family. You won’t need to constantly worry about your family members getting in an accident because of your blinds when you update your old blinds to newer options.

3. It is extremely difficult for you to lift the blinds

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Difficulty in lifting your blinds is one of the most common symptoms reported by homeowners when they have bad blinds. Blinds operate on a fairly simple tug system that makes them extremely simple to push or pull.

If you have trouble doing that, you can be fairly certain that your blinds have reached their mechanical lifetime and can operate no more. Not paying heed to these warnings and continuing to use the blinds despite them can cause the blinds to fall off entirely and damage you or your family’s members.

Unless you want to take that risk, we would strongly recommend that you get new blinds for your home. When purchasing new blinds, you can even consider going completely cordless with wire-free blinds that are easier to move and close.

4. Your blinds look outdated compared to your room’s decor

If you just had your home’s decor newly changed to match your taste and preference, and transformed every aspect of your furniture from old to new, you should ensure that your blinds are a part of that transformation. A newly decorated room’s aesthetic value can drop dramatically if you still use your shabby old window blinds from before.

After all, considering that you change the look of your entire home, it only makes aesthetic sense that you change your window treatments too, right? To improve the overall look of your home and give it a more enhanced touch than before, consider replacing your old basic blinds with new stylish and luxurious ones that truly complement the rest of your home decor.

For example, using fully complete basswood blinds in your study or library can give your room a more sophisticated and classical look. For your bedroom, you can consider getting fabric blinds that ensure the privacy of your home in class and style. There are several other blind transformations you can integrate into your home if your old blinds start looking outdated.

5. You have changed the style or size of your windows

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No matter if you decide to move to a new home or renovate the windows of your current one, if the window sizes in your home change dramatically, it is time that you make changes in your blinds as well. Getting new and more accessible window blinds that complement the exact size and shape of your new blinds can help your windows get a better and fuller look.

Using old blinds on your new windows will not only ruin their entire look and render your renovations or upgrades useless, but also introduce new size problems. Blinds are specifically made for each window to complement their exact size and shape.

Using them on a different size or shape opening can result in either extensive blinds damage or a complete lack of privacy with openings everywhere. The moment you upgrade your home or renovate your windows, contact a professional blinds agency, like the one above, who will immediately come to replace your old blinds with new ones that actually fit your window’s size and shape.


There are several clear signs that your old window blinds need to be entirely replaced with new ones that can match your home better and improve its beauty. We hope this article was insightful for you, and if it was, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.