Best Practices for Using SAP Transport Management


Delivery of the purchase is the most important element of the business, which largely determines the degree of trust between the buyer and the seller.

And logistics must meet modern requirements and SAP transport management retail trends. First, the most important trends in trade include the development of information technology in sales and the transition to an omnichannel marketing model.

There are many definitions of the concept of “logistics”. Consider one of them: logistics is the supply to the consumer of the required product, of the appropriate quality, in the required quantity, at the specified place (and at the appointed time), at an acceptable price.

The definition is the most common and at the same time the most relevant and accurate for transport logistics in the retail industry. The consumer in retail is the end customer. Unlike a wholesaler, he buys goods for his own consumption, which means that he wants the best for less money.

And transport logistics can become that “bottleneck” that will nullify all the competitive advantages that the seller has. Purchase delivery is the final and one of the most critical elements on which trust is built between the client and the seller.
LeverX experts will help you choose the optimal set of modules and help you with SAP Yard Logistics implementation in a short time, which will increase the efficiency of your business.

Retail Trends


First, retail trends include the development of information technologies in sales and the omnichannel nature of platforms. It is important to remember that today the competition in the retail market is getting tougher.

Large companies are getting even bigger, and in order to break away from the competition, they need to optimize costs in all key business processes. In addition, retailers must track any, even the smallest change in consumer behavior patterns.

With the development of the digital age, the client is becoming more demanding on the quality of the goods and the speed of delivery. If necessary, he will painlessly change the seller, since the offer today is much higher than demand.

The client wants to choose independently: whether to receive the goods with delivery or pick them up at a convenient pickup point, at a convenient time for him, sometimes literally a minute after the order.

One of the key requirements for retailers will be to ensure delivery that fully satisfies the wishes of the client. And the seller will need to organize the process of delivering the goods to the buyer with the required level of service and minimal own costs.

Retail Solution – SAP Transportation Management


For effective planning and optimization of the management of transportation processes, a TM system is needed – a single industrial platform based on the SAP solution with LeverX – Transportation Management (SAP TM). A high-quality TM system allows for solving the problem of transport planning, taking into account various logistical constraints.

The platform takes into account the specifics of the transport network, including restrictions and traffic conditions, as well as other factors: available resources, own and attracted capacities, and their cost, requirements of recipients for packaging, time and place of delivery, and many other parameters.

The TM solution automatically routes and rates orders, helps you choose a transport company, creates sets of documents, and also allows you to plan warehouse operations and track every step of the logistics process.