What are the Tasks That a Virtual Assistant Can Perform – 2024 Guide

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If you are a business owner, you might know how some tasks become challenging to complete when you have various other priority work. Such moments can leave you overwhelmed at times.

Moreover, if you think about keeping a full-time employee, you will have to cater to all their expenses. But you can facilitate your work process by hiring a virtual assistant. This person can get your tasks done faster and help you save money by charging only for the relevant work.

Such virtual assistants can handle a lot of tasks and therefore help your business become more productive. You can hire one part-time virtual assistant based on your specific requirements. Before you start focusing on virtual assistant jobs, find out some of the tasks they perform.

Calendar Management

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A virtual assistant works from home through the use of online channels. Therefore, they can help you manage your calendar better so that you don’t keep on forgetting important dates that need your attention.

Most entrepreneurs are quite busy, and without assistance, they struggle to manage their calendar well. Hiring a virtual assistant can help you coordinate and even schedule calls as well as appointments. They can, therefore, save you a lot of time and help you become more organized.

Ensure that the virtual assistant understands how you run your business well to conduct their duties as expected. You should also give them your list of appointments so that they can help you organize when to see specific clients.

They can even remind you of the important calls that you need to make or even help you reschedule individual appointments when you are very busy. They can inform your loved ones when you will not be in town. A virtual assistant can work as your secretary even if they are not present in your office.

Communications and Contact Management

One of the most time-consuming tasks that some business people handle is emailing. Hiring a virtual assistant available on this site can relieve you of such duties. Their job is to screen your business emails, respond, or even flag the critical emails that need your attention.

When you are engaged in different activities, the virtual assistant can add new clients’ details to your contacts. They can also help you update people’s details to contacts, including an email address or extra phone number of a person on your contact list. It is also their task to ensure that your CRM system is organized.

Phone Duties

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Apart from the above tasks, a virtual assistant can also do some reception tasks. For instance, if you are expecting specific calls but will not be able to answer them, you can forward them to your virtual assistant, who can answer them on your behalf. Since voicemails can be received by email, most business people forward them to virtual assistants for transcription.


Some entrepreneurs have to keep on traveling for business purposes. You need someone who can make accommodation and flight arrangements for you. Since many virtual assistants handle such tasks, they can prevent you from the stress that comes with planning for regular trips. A virtual assistant can handle all the logistics on your behalf. They are good at researching flights to find one that meets your criteria.

Such a person can also check different hotels at the desired location and choose a comfortable one based on your budget. If you trust your virtual assistant, you can give them your credit card information so that they can book your flight and hotel for you.

A virtual assistant can also research the different transportation options available and suggest the best options to use if you plan to attend various events while on your trip and make the necessary arrangements. They can also suspend regular services such as mail when you are on a trip.


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If you have worked with a virtual assistant for years, they may be ready to handle some management tasks. For instance, a virtual assistant can help you assemble reports for different clients by putting together various data.

You can also engage them in other management functions, such as recruiting new team members. They can screen prospective employees on platforms such as LinkedIn to help you find employees who qualify for different positions.

File Organization and Storage Tasks

As a business owner, you require to stay organized with your business data. But client meetings and other important tasks might hardly leave some time for you to manage or store such data.

Hence, you can hire virtual assistants skilled in processing, storing, and organizing the data related to businesses. Such experts can help you with organizing your PDF conversions, PowerPoint presentations, managing spreadsheets, creating and organizing data entry, and various other tasks.

SEO or Web Marketing

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If your business deals with creating and maintaining a strong online presence, then you can hire an SEO/web marketing virtual assistant to facilitate most of your web tasks. Such an expert will enable your content to rank higher and maintain consistency to generate new leads.

This person can work on various tasks such as site analysis, on-page optimization for posts and pages, creating backlinks, Google analytics, keyword research, etc.

Thus, if you feel that your website’s marketing needs to be elevated, then hiring a web marketing virtual assistant would be preferable. You can also ask this person to find new ideas that help you grow your business. Some of the ideas can lead to attracting new clients, whereas some can lead to nurturing the present clients.

Graphic/Web Designing

A web designing virtual assistant can help you with the graphics, logos, flyers, social media posts, and various other things. This person also possesses skills to add an impressive look to websites, videos, info graphics, banners, eBooks, etc., which might consume a lot of your time. So make sure you look for a graphic/web designing virtual assistant if you cannot focus on the designing part of your business.


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Nowadays, most of the businesses are trying to minimize the costs and boost their profits. This has become possible because of the virtual assistants who complete the tasks by charging a relevant fee. Thus, you can analyze your work process and look for specific virtual assistants to enhance your business with minimal expenses.