New Technologies and the Evolution of Online Casinos – 2024 Guide


The arrival of casinos on the web in the 21st century is one of the most significant events for this industry. Since then it has gradually moved to the face-to-face casinos, making them almost obsolete.

The easy access and the possibility of playing from mobile are only some of the advantages that have contributed to this; however, in the same way, this accessibility is increasing the risk of addictions and gambling.

In this context, in recent years a new era for the online casino market is evident. Technological advances have now taken gambling to the next level. Although it is important to play at reliable casinos with excellent promotions, the novelty of their games is setting the tone. One of the casino like that is

The Impact of Live Casino Games


While playing online was already an option, the online casino industry took a turn with live games. This modality brought with it a very different way of playing, no longer against a software, but against a human being. All this is possible through a live and direct broadcast, in which you can interact with a real dealer. The best sample is CasinoPilot.

Many users were saturated with playing electronic versions and in a way wanted to feel the excitement of a live game again. The ‘live’ versions made this possible, reviving this experience. Best of all: without the need to move from one place to another.

Live game technologies


Behind the live games there is a hard work, elemental for its realization. Hundreds of venues are operating 24/7, 365 days a year. These have highly trained personnel, both croupiers and technical staff. In addition, software providers in this sector have to put in place state-of-the-art equipment.

Among the avant-garde devices used, 4K Ultra HD cameras stand out, in turn from different angles. Various high-end lighting, microphone and sound devices are also used. However, the most important factor is the UCJ (Game Control Unit). This is responsible for encoding the transmitted video and guiding the croupier in the management of the game

Another very important element is the ‘Optical Character Recognition’ of the most recently applied technologies. Its main function is to capture each and every detail in the room.  In this way it achieves optimal interaction of the players in an active way.

The most popular live games

A large number of games are available in the live casino rooms. However, Internet users have shown special interest in some of them or increased the favoritism they previously had. Among these are:

Live Roulette


The public that follows this old game has achieved a great growth since the launch of its live variants. Viewer confidence has increased as they watch the ball being thrown by a real person. This type of analog play and the quality of transmission are the main attractions that have stood out.

Live Blackjack


Blackjack is one of the card games that has always been very popular and as expected its live versions even more so. In addition to all its graphic advantages, players use all their skills to defeat the dealer. Yes, just like they do in physical casinos.

Live Baccarat


This easy game of point and banking has gained new parishioners thanks to the little advantage the house has. Just like other games, this mode moves virtually to a casino in the best style of Las Vegas.

The newest games in online casinos

The live rooms have opened a door in terms of new versions of games. Different technologies are advancing by leaps and bounds every day. Developers in this field were not satisfied with the live mode, but have managed to go beyond it.

The new variants of live roulette


Lately, new versions of live roulette have been released that have surprised many. In particular, these types of roulettes mix the best of live play with elements found in electronic versions.

Repetitions of each release can be viewed in unparalleled graphic quality. All in slow motion. Plus you get multipliers based on your stake ranging from x50 to x500.

Live show type games

Renowned international software providers have managed to introduce some entertainment alternatives that were not previously present. These are games directed by a live presenter, where they offer great prizes. They are very similar to the popular television programs where luck can be in the turning of a vertical wheel, in the choice of cases, etc.

There are also games like the famous Monopoly, also directed by a presenter. All in HD quality and with great sound.

Live Slots


If we thought we’d seen it all, as the industry leaves you speechless with unimaginable dynamics, nowadays, developers have launched live slots. These are run by a host and have the novelty of playing with collective spins and rewards. While slots have always been among the favorite games, this genius could revolutionize the industry in the short term.

Bonuses and promotions on new games


Usually, online casinos offer bonuses to be enjoyed in electronic versions of gambling or slots. However, this has had to change due to the great impact of the new game modes. Every day online casinos add special promotions for the customers of this type of section.

You can find from free spins in slots, to cash prizes for free plays. In some occasions the player will manage to add loyalty points that later will have the option to change for attractive sums of money.

Nowadays the games that include online slots come with incredible themes, created to perfection by renowned developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming; who have been in charge of making these machines a game of chance different from the others, because each theme is adapted to the tastes or preferences of the players. Therefore, there are slot machines set in adventure scenarios, mysteries, action, well-known characters and there are also others based on movies or series, among them: Dracula and Sleepy Hollow.