Does Your Home Require Tree Removal in Taunton, MA?


Trees are a vital part of a comfortable life in Massachusetts. They provide not only oxygen, but shade and temperature control, places for kids to climb and play, and privacy when their leaves are out. Trees also add beauty and charm to the quiet neighborhoods Massachusetts is known for. It’s never an easy decision to take down a tree, but at times it’s necessary.

Does your home need tree removal in Taunton, Massachusetts? There are several warning signs that a tree may need to come down. Here’s how to tell if your tree needs to be removed and why you should count on a professional tree service to remove it.

Dying Branches

Dead branches may indicate some sort of disease taking over the tree. A tree removal company in Taunton, Massachusetts should be able to evaluate the tree and see whether it can be saved. Sometimes, when branches are dying, a simple pruning job does the trick and prevents or postpones the death of the rest of the tree. Other times, it is too late and the tree may need to be taken down.

Branches Too Close to the House


If your tree’s branches are starting to grow uncomfortably close to your house, there is a risk of those branches causing damage. High winds or storms could cause them to snap and fall onto the roof, or even hit a window hard enough to break it. Stray branches can often be trimmed, but if they keep regrowing in the same spot, it may be time to take the tree down.

Fungus or Mushrooms

Believe it or not, many homeowners enjoy seeing mushrooms growing on the trunks of their trees. Some even make mushroom-topped tree stumps into “fairy houses,” adding a bit of charm to the yard. The trouble is, fungus and mushroom growth indicate advanced decay and not everyone enjoys seeing them. Instead of using smelly fungicide to get rid of the things growing on the stump in your yard, it’s best to remove the whole thing with the help of tree service in Taunton, MA.

The Tree is in the Way


Whether you’re looking to add onto your house, build an additional structure like a shed or a garage, or just get some more sunlight to the plants underneath the tree’s canopy, sometimes a tree sits smack in the middle of a place you need access to. Removing the tree and planting a seedling somewhere else is an option.

Storm Damage

Especially in the case of windstorms or tornadoes, storms can sometimes damage a tree so heavily that there is no hope for recovery. You’ll need a tree removal company in Taunton, Massachusetts to take a look at the tree and evaluate the level of damage in order to determine if it can be saved. Most tree removal companies offer emergency service, so if you have a heavily damaged tree, don’t wait to give them a call. Letting a tree sit there with heavy damage for too long could result in it falling on your house or car.


Trees can get sick, just like humans, and they can often pass illnesses along to each other even after they die via their stumps. The list of diseases a tree can develop is long and includes illnesses affecting the trunk, the leaves, the root system, and more. Insects such as the emerald ash borer can also cause significant damage to a tree.

Can Trees Die of Old Age?


If trees can get sick like humans can, can they also die of old age? The short answer is that it’s very rare. Old trees will often die of disease, damage, or weakness. Though they are more susceptible to these problems, which can be fatal for a tree, it is not common for trees to simply succumb to old age with no other factors playing into its death.

Do I Need a Permit to Remove a Tree in Massachusetts?

Most of the time, you do not need a permit to remove a tree on your own property. You may need a permit if there is a local ordinance requiring one, if you are trying to cut down a protected species of tree, or if the tree sits on or over a property line.

Can I Remove a Tree On My Own?

It is never a good idea to attempt to remove a tree on your own unless it is still a seedling. Tree removal can be a complicated and dangerous effort- there were over 150 tree-related incidents in 2016 resulting in injury or death. Once the tree starts to come down, you have no control over which way it falls, putting people and property at risk. A tree removal company in Taunton, MA will have all the experience necessary to do it safely. As a general rule of thumb, always leave tree services to a professional.