Ways to Look Instantly More Stylish for Women

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There were numerous times when you were paying attention to the outfit of some other girl and thought how would that close fit to you. Every person has some perfect combination for itself, and here are some tips on how to always look stylish on any occasion.

For many, the concepts of being fashionable and stylish are the same, but they are completely different. Fashionable style is a mass trend that everyone follows. And if you dress fashionably, then you will look like many other girls. Own style is only your self-expression, which will distinguish you from other people with some unique outfit.

With the help of clothing, shoes, and accessories by itself, you will not create a stylish image. To create a style, your hairstyle, makeup, self-confidence, perfume, and manner are imperative. And clothes are just an opportunity to make you even more self-confident.

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Let’s figure out how to dress stylishly. To get started, review your wardrobe. Surely there are a lot of clothes in it, but for some reason, you don’t have anything to wear. And the thing is that there are no suitable combinations of things in which you would feel comfortable and beautiful at the same time.

This situation can be easily corrected: pick up several sets in your wardrobe that you are sure of. Hide things that were left without a pair in a closet and in the future buy according to them. Never surrender to the temptation to buy the blouse on a sale that you won’t be able to combine. If you do not have enough money to buy a suitable bottom for a blouse, then it is better to skip that sale for another time.

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Also, do not forget about accessories. To complement your image and emphasize individuality, a watch is simply necessary for a modern woman. Properly selected watches will indicate the sophisticated taste of a woman. Watches have become not just a mechanism by which you can find out the time, but also an indispensable accessory for every fashionista.

Don’t forget that, in 2019, modern women must wear smartwatches to look fashionable and use their useful functions, for example, these by FindTheDecision. By the way, the first wristwatch was made for a woman. Until the 19th century, watches were a very expensive piece of jewelry. Watches were an inaccessible luxury, made individually for the customer, and only very rich and noble people could afford them.

As I already mentioned, style and fashion are not the same things. But still, I want to dress fashionably and stylish at the same time, right? Combining both of these concepts is difficult, but still possible. If you want to look fashionable, then choose the things that are now in the trend. But at the same time, critically evaluate how they sit on you. If a fashionable thing of the season looks ridiculous and stupid on you, you will have to give it up.

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There is a general trend, but things of different brands are not similar to each other like two drops of water, but at the same time remain fashionable. To create your own style, the color of clothes is very important. Karl Lagerfeld recommends that your wardrobe should always be black because it is not only elegant, sexy but also universal. Black clothes can be supplemented with accessories that will sparkle with new colors on such a dark background.

While the black can look good on everyone, this can’t be said for other colors. Do you know which colors suit you the most, and which colors you should never wear? If not, then use the test to determine your color type. Four of them stand out: spring, summer, autumn, and winter (despite the names, they do not coincide with the time of the year in which you were born). Each color type has its color palette, which suits him in the best way.

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You will have to learn how to combine different colors for your unique look. If you are not sure about which combination will suit you in the best way, then you should use a color wheel a few simple tricks, like that green color always goes great with blue and similar. In general, you should never combine more than three colors, because you want to look attractive, and not like a clown.

To create your own and unique style, you will have to combine the accessories properly. Also, it is expected from you to have the right taste in your choice for earrings, rings, necklaces, and others. Also, you will need to have more of them in different sizes, because each combination requires some different accessories.

Let your accessories be universal and suitable for several ready-made sets of clothes. And even if it is a three-color bright accessory, but with the right background, it can transform your look and make people turn their heads for you.