What to Wear to a Formal Beach Wedding – 2024 Guide

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The dream of many brides is to get married on the beach. The setting is idyllic: the sunlight, the sea breeze, the waves, a simple wedding dress, a beach ceremony framed by flowers for a themed color wedding, a seafood feast … Invitees also appreciated all this and a surprise with a spectacular wedding invitation, in a glass bottle, as a castaway message: they are getting married on the beach! If you still can’t figure out which party dress you should be looking for, here are some tips.

In addition to taking into account the location, the guest outfit should always be in accordance with the theme and style of the wedding. That is, it must be taken into account if it will be a classic, relaxed, etiquette, bohemian event and based on that, define which style will be more appropriate. Whether you are going to buy or rent an evening dress, consider the following tips to make your look seem tailor-made for the occasion.

The time of day affects your choice

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As if it were a ceremony in the city, getting married at 11:00 am is very different than doing it at 4:00 pm. The earlier it is getting ready for intense heat and the beautiful scenery in the background. For the same reason, you can play with colors and patterns, in addition to taking more risks with your look. For example, wear shorter dresses, a jumpsuit, or a crop top set with a skirt. Since the weather is an important factor, the protocol and etiquette become more relaxed. Here, the only thing prohibited is to go with heavy and rigid fabrics or long dresses such as one for the ballroom.

For the afternoon, the ideal would be a short day dress, with characteristics very similar to one in the morning, with the only difference being that it is preferably at knee height or one or two fingers above. On the other hand, a wedding at night, the ideal setting would be a long and light dress, you will look great.


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Regardless of whether the wedding on the beach will be day or night, the ideal is to opt for light and vaporous fabrics, such as silk or natural chiffon dresses. With them, a guest will feel fresh and comfortable at all times, while maintaining a fair share of glamor. And crochet dresses, while more informal, are also a good alternative to face a wedding in wet and windy weather.

For men, meanwhile, linen and cotton are excellent materials, both for shirts and pants, when it comes to choosing the perfect outfit for a beach party.


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Vibrant and cheerful tones are preferred by those invited to weddings on the beach, particularly highlighting colors such as turquoise, fuchsia, yellow, coral pink, lilac, melon and mint green, among other options.

And it is that far from the classic tones, such as red or blue, the trend today is to go with an effervescent color palette, while floral prints are also in high demand for this type of celebration. The black color is prohibited, although if the wedding is at night, you may rethink this rule. The black color absorbs the heat and the truth, it is time to take advantage and wear colorful dresses, not dark colors.

For their part, men tend to opt for a white shirt with a jacket and pants in colors such as light gray, sand, green, beige or brown.


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They are the key to success! Even if they choose a plain and monochromatic dress, they can always give a special touch to the outfit by choosing the right accessories. And since gold rings will be the most important on the beach, this scenario allows you to play much more with the accessories, from opting for striking hats, to ethnic necklaces and a clutch with strass, if you want to give your styling a more chic. Also, you can’t go wrong with gold earrings, according to nina-nguyen.com

Be careful not to put too many things on yourself, but don’t forget to wear a scarf or jacket, among other things, covered for party dresses, since the sunset on the coast usually becomes a bit cold.

Men, meanwhile, can do without the tie, but add, for example, a hat or leather bracelets to refresh the look. If you want to be formal, you should wear a light suit, but with an almost obligatory tie.

Hairstyle and makeup

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The simpler, the better. Since this is an outdoor ceremony, immediately discard elaborate high bunches or ponytails and stick to simple hairstyles, such as letting your hair down or sporting a semi-gathered with soft waves. In the first case, if you want to add a touch of color, you can bet on a flower crown or braid; both, very trending these days among the guests.

And regarding makeup, the slogan is the same: Less is more! For this reason, nude shades and light pink gloss are recommended, although betting on the tan skin effect is also a good option and if you want to color your style, red or fuchsia lips are a great choice.

Important! Choose a makeup that is long-lasting and, if the wedding will be in the day, do not forget to apply a layer of sunscreen first.


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As the sand is uneven terrain, to not wear high heels that you would normally wear in for a wedding and better lean on flat sandals. The good thing is that they will not have to lose their glamor, since they will find jewel models inlaid with rhinestones, glitters and pearl straps, among other options.

Now, if you are definitely not convinced by this alternative, you can also go with to platform shoes, either cork or jute, if you want to give it a more handmade touch.

And with respect to men’s footwear, the most recommended are moccasins, leather sandals or canvas or leather espadrilles, as best harmonize with the rest of the outfit.


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A beach wedding is perfect for a fresh and lively look. Therefore, let your imagination run wild and with these tips, you will surely get an ideal wedding look that mixes your personality, atmosphere and elegance.