Basics of Software Development

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Software development consists of multiple complex concepts that everyone should know before even thinking about getting into this line of work. Stuff such as AWS, Ios, Ruby, etc are just a few terms that make out the huge list of development concepts. Software development focuses on a few things, and some of those are website wireframe, hotfixes, and of course, developing software. But before you get into the industry, you need to do your research and understand these words. With proper understanding and knowledge of these words or terms, you can have a better foothold into discovering how to identify, implement, and achieve company goals by developing software.

As with anything in any line of business, we understand that you have a ton of questions regarding the complexity of the task ahead. So that’s why we’re here to help you better understand the basics of software development.

Why Should You Learn Software Development?

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Software development is very complex; almost as complex as learning Mandarin Chinese. It might sound scary getting into, but software development is an integral part of any business plan. It’s safe to say that software development improves your company and helps you understand better how to improve it. If you’re a CEO, then consider understanding the basics of it because it can increase the chances of your company’s success. By having a solid understanding of it, you are combining technical skills and managerial skills into one.

How Can You Start Learning?

A large part of software development consists of programming, so it’s best for people who at least know how to program or are eager to, according to If you didn’t know, computer programming is the craft that makes everything else tick in the digital world. It’s done by writing code into a compiler that interprets it in the computing system to perform the task at hand. However, this is a very vague statement as computer programming is very complex and requires years of learning to master.

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But, this is a very friendly article and we are going to give you some tips.

  • Google is your best source, as you can see you’ve probably found this article through Google.
  • As a newbie, it’s best that you start with HTML and CSS, which aren’t programming languages per se but they will get you into the rhythm of understanding syntax. HTML is a markup language that enables you to create web pages, while CSS is a style sheet language that gives you control over the design of that set webpage.
  • Once you’ve understood that, you can move on to some more complex programming languages. With over 700 languages out there, choosing the one should be done based on what you want to focus on. You could be tempted to create awesome web applications, desktop applications, games, bots, software, etc. The most useful ones are Javascript, Python, Java, PHP, Rybu, C++, Objective C, R, and tons more.
  • As mentioned earlier, Google will be your best friend throughout this journey. But you can always enlist to academies that can teach you each of these programming languages.