Best 4 Telugu Movie Songs to Listen Today

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Although most of us do not exactly understand Indian songs, you cannot really say that there is not something captivating about it that simply makes you enjoy the music. As you already know, India is a large country and it is natural that a wide range of music genres originated from there. Besides the traditional Indian songs, the pop songs, and the classic Indian songs, there is a musical genre that is often used as soundtracks for movies – and if you were wondering what that music genre is, it is Telugu music. In this article, you will be able to read about the best Telugu songs that you should most definitely listen to. Let’s take a closer look:

1. “Maate Vinadhuga” – from the movie “Taxiwaala”, performed by Sid Sriram

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Sid is one of those singers that can make any and all songs better by slightly improvising specific things and that is exactly what this movie might impress you with. The composer of this song, Jakes Bejoy gave all fans a surprise when he came up with this sweet song that is perfect for listening on those long commutes to your work. The simple but rhythmical words fit perfectly into the entire composition and the entire song definitely has depth.

2. “Peniviti” – from the movie “Aravinda Sametha”, performed by Kaala Bhairava

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If Kaala stole your heart with “Dandalayya” from the movie “Baahubali 2”, she will do it once again with this song which is from Jt NTR’S movie “ Aravinda Sametha”. This song focuses on the fear and sadness of women as their spouses set out to participate in a village “civil war”. There is instrumentation, however, the real focus is on the depth and soul of the lyrics that will explain why this song earned the reputation it has.

3. “U Turn-the Karma Theme” – from the movie “U Turn”, performed by Anirudh Ravichander

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This song was created and sung by Anirudh purely for marketing purposes for the movie “U Turn”, however, it did achieve so much more than that! The creators of this song came up with an idea to use the U Turn Dance Challenge for asking spectators to create their own versions of Samantha’s dance moves in the song. And that is exactly what the fans did! The wonderfully performed choreography surely added a little bit of spice to the song. If you want to check out some of the songs from this list, visit

4. “Mahanati Title Song” – from the movie “Mahanati”, performed by Anurag Kulkarni

The entire album “Mahanati”, as well as the movie, makes a perfect combination of traditional values and modern technology. The instrumentals of this song amazingly build the main character of the movie and it easily captures the pure essence of her character. Although this song is a bit complex it is still amazingly easy on the ears.


Now that you know what Telugu songs you need to listen to, do not waste any more time and start listening to the first movie score from this article. Sit back, enjoy, and you might find yourself dancing along some of the songs from the list above.