Is Online Gambling More Addictive Now?


Now, more than ever, there is a drastic increase in the number of online gambling websites. Millions of people places bet in several games regularly. But the real question is whether or not online gambling is more addictive than casino gambling. There are many reasons why online gambling is more addictive as compared to casino gambling. Today, we will go through all such reasons to see how gambling becomes much easier when done from behind the screen.

You Get 24/7 Access To Gambling


The main reason why gambling is becoming an addiction these days is because of the 24/7 access in the case of online gambling. You need not worry about the opening and closing hours since all that you need is a secured internet connection and you are good to go. Next, there are no restrictions whatsoever in the case of gambling since you do not require an ID to get started. Anyone can gamble at any point in day or night. The convenience leads to an unshaken desire to win, thereby causing havoc inside oneself. This havoc tends to come out with unlimited hours of gambling eventually leading to addiction towards it.

Online gambling when done in moderation can be a fun pastime activity. Even if you decide to go for online gambling, you need to ensure you visit genuine websites. Continue to playamo for some interesting games since it is a 100% genuine source for some fun and gambling.

Can Be Done In Private

Most of the gamblers are generally identified if they visit casinos for the same. When it comes down to online gambling, detection becomes tough. You don’t have to get out of the house for the same and no one is generally bothered with what goes beyond the screen. This lack of identification becomes troubling sometimes since to get rid of certain addiction, you need motivation from people who care about you. How will they help you in reducing the hours if they are unaware of your gambling addiction? All the time and money invested in gambling remains unnoticed. This is how they never come across any formal help.

No Extra Time Requirements


The gamblers who visit casinos for gambling often take out sufficient time from their schedule to go gamble. But in online gambling, all that you need to do is log in via your mobile and you are good to gamble. This means that the casino always goes along with you and no extra hours need to be spared for the same. People generally prefer going to casinos on weekends. But if all the regular days are as good as the weekends then what can prevent it from becoming an addiction?

Marketing Tactics Of Online Gambling Sites

Many people visit gambling sites just for fun. But these sites often use marketing tactics to ensure the visitor returns. It is often accomplished by making offers they just can’t refuse. Newcomers are often given free bets and in case they win, the mind eventually tells them to play more.

On the other hand, if they lose, they get an intricate desire to win. This leads to an unending circle of playing, eventually leading to addiction the player never thought he would get himself into. Often times, when the player repeatedly wins, the satisfaction of winning brings him to the table over and over again. In these free sessions offered by gambling websites, the player wins most of the time.

Controlled By Bots Or Robots


Unlike casino gambling, online gambling is against robots. Once the player gets the confidence from winning, he signs up on the website. The chances of winning decrease as just like casinos, the odds are in the favor of the house.

Money Spent Is Comparatively More

When you visit a casino, you often make cash transactions that ensure there is a certain limit to your spending. In the case of online gambling, you have to opt for cashless or online transactions.

Once you provide your credit card details you pay less attention to the amount of money you are spending. Like any other addiction, it seems the right thing to do at that point in time. You wouldn’t mind losing money as well, and in no time, you will invest a greater sum in online gambling.

It also begins with investing a really small amount but before you realize you are already the part of the game like the rest. The small bets might not feel like a big deal in the beginning but before you realize, they will accumulate and end up costing you a fortune.

Anonymous Gambling


Lying in the case of online gambling is no difficult task since no one keeps a proper check on the players. If you do not cater to the age laws set up by the casinos then your entry is restricted. This opens gates for all gamblers who were initially restricted from entering the casinos due to problematic behavior. Also, the already casino-addicts who are trying to recover might secretly still be engaged with the same.

Emotional Triggers

Online gambling websites often encourage their current players by creating an environment of competition. If the person is losing they often trigger those areas to motivate them into playing more. These websites are specifically designed to ensure no player could willingly leave in between. You will always want to return back for more fun. Research has shown that suicide rates for gamblers are alarming.

The Final Verdict


Gambling to a certain level isn’t considered problematic but when it leads to addiction, it needs to be dealt with immediately. Any sort of addiction can be harmful to personal as well as professional relationships. With a high increase in online gambling, people are becoming reluctant and spending their hard-earned cash without any second thought.

Doing it for fun once in a while is never bad but becoming addicted to it can cost you more than you can imagine. The trend of online gambling is reaching the peak, especially in the US. All that people do is create a fake profile and exploit themselves from behind a computer screen.