Prevent Online Bullying – Track your Kids’ WhatsApp Activities

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For parents, nothing is more alarming than not knowing where your children are or if they are in a safe environment. However, parents have to deal with anxiety almost every day and send their kids to schools where bullying could be a serious problem.

Today’s world is filled with predators and even in the online world, children could be victims of cyberbullying, inappropriate texting, and online predators. So, what can you do to protect your child from bullying? Well, in this article, you will be able to learn how simple applications can help you with protecting your child. Let’s take a look:

Phone Tracking Application Features that can Help You Fight Bullying

1. Reading your Kids’ WhatsApp Messages – by using a phone tracking service, you will be able to easily read each text that is received or sent through the targeted phone. Once you install a tracking app, you can read the messages with the time and date when the conversation took place.

2. Read Their WhatsApp Statuses – if you are using WhatsApp on your smartphone, you will probably know that the developer of this app added several new features that allow the user to post pictures, videos, or audios on their status. Well, if you could not see them on your child’s WhatsApp account before, you will be able to do so with this application.

3. Check their Location Shared Through WhatsApp – when you share your location with someone on this app, they will know your exact location at that moment. Well, the tracking applications can trace all those shared location and details of the meeting that you kid shared on this messaging app.

4. Check the Multimedia Files on your Child’s Phone – if you use this app, you will know that you can share clips, audio, images, gifs, ppt, pdf, videos, as well as documents to another person. With a smartphone tracking app, you can access the multimedia shared on your control panel.

5. You Can See Details on the Videos or Audio Calls – this tracking program will allow you to read or even listen to a whole conversation of your kid’s phone and the person they are talking to.

6. You Can See Details of their WhatsApp Contacts – one of the best things about tracking application is that you can actually see the contact list of your child. You can see the name and the number that is saved on their phone. With this intelligent software, you can know the exact address book of your kid. If you want to see how to install this software on someone’s phone, click here.

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Before you start monitoring your child’s WhatsApp, you will need to decide on the subscription package that you want, install the needed software, and then you will be able to begin monitoring their activities on WhatsApp. However, you should only do so if you have legitimate cause to worry about them and once you have been proven right or wrong, you should stop tracking your child’s activities online.