Why Is Social Media Promotion Essential For An Android App – 2024 Guide

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Many app developers today underestimate the role of social media marketing (SMM). With the boost of Facebook and Instagram, promoting and selling software became easier than ever. Maximizing your mobile app marketing is possible if you create multiple social media accounts and keep them “alive” by posting regularly and supporting active communication. Read more below!

Pre-launch Promotion

You should not waste any minute, even if your project is in progress. Different social media platforms allow promoting apps that are at the development stage. Sure, it makes sense to start doing that closer to the release date. Do you remember when Cyberpunk was first announced? Thanks to the social media promotion and Keanu Reeves starring, the game developers managed to make a splash before anyone could even taste their masterpiece.

You might not have Keanu to do the voiceover, but, at least, it is never too late to register a social media account and inform people about your releases ahead.

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Building hype for your application ASAP is a unique opportunity to get your brand name out there. Show them what they can expect but avoid telling lies. Can you remember Taylor Swift’s app campaign in 2017? The Swift Life is definitely a good example of a pre-launch campaign.

You can expect the largest exposure if you manage to create accounts on as many social media platforms as possible. Provide a reason to follow you by sharing tips or explaining how your application can be useful. For instance, if it is a mobile-optimized paper writing service (you can check out BestCustomWriting), stress that businesses that do not wish to hire in-house full-time copywriters can use your service. If your app is for crypto exchange, you may say that it offers the best conversion rate, as well as a highly secure wallet.

Market through Images

Instagram and Pinterest together are the perfect places to promote your Android app by focusing on visuals. A cool picture or infographic alone may tell them more than any text.

Users react to images and videos way better than to the written content.

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As most people run Instagram on their mobile phones, it is the perfect Android device solution. You can now fully integrate your account with your Facebook page and boost posts by effectively targeting the audience. Except for the regular posts, stories are popular. Though they show up only for 24 hours, you can create a separate category and store them there. Thus, you can create various folders for different apps. Post such reminders regularly so that your followers remember about your software.

The best thing is that you can create and insert a poll right into your story. It guarantees a higher engagement rate.

Effective and Fast Community Building

The best platform for this purpose is Facebook. To begin with, you or your company should have a FB page. Here is how you can support your Android app using Facebook communities:

  • Set up competitions or bonuses for referral programs
  • Offer demo versions and free trials
  • Initiate giveaways
  • Share professionally written content from the company’s blog
  • Come up with promotions, discounts, and special offers
  • Create original visuals (e.g., infographics and videos)
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Facebook also makes it possible to target the audience and generate specific buyer personas easily and accurately.

Come Clear

You should mind the restrictions and word limits of every social media platform. For instance, on Twitter, your post should not exceed 140 characters. It is a challenge to describe a product having severe limitations, but you’ll get acquainted with that. Focus on what your app does better than others and how it can help your target audience.

Twitter works perfectly if you want to show what others think about your application. You may share success stories, making them several sentences long. You may mix testimonials from real customers with the work of your copywriters.

On the whole, Twitter and Pinterest are the most creative ways to reach out to your audience. Imagine that your application is about tracking a user when he or she is driving a car. Your solution allows checking and monitoring the speed, distance, and other similar things.

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With your account’s help, it is possible to discover users who might need your app based on their preferences. The search query on Twitter is one of the possible ways to do that. You just need to know buzzwords and tags to add to your post. SEO experts can help, or you may master some of the relevant tools on your own.

Interact and Acquire Leads

Social media platforms are all about communicating. Word-of-mouth is a good, time-tested technique, but communicating with people on social networks will increase your brand’s awareness and help generate more leads. It is necessary to keep in touch with your followers and post regularly. Remind about yourself and your product by sharing content, publishing news, and creating polls to find out about their app-related experience. Do not forget to post your polls and study results to show that many users follow you and take part in your activities.

Comment what others have to say and add your reply. Active communication with your followers will assist with sustaining application usage. For social proof, you may use some of the comments and opinions and publish them as separate posts. Some social media platforms work perfectly as customer service tools.

Go Live, Stay Live

Most of the modern social media networks make it possible to create live video streams. It creates the feeling that you are talking to your users directly. It works better in terms of persuasion. Streams are rather popular on Facebook and Instagram. You should benefit from all resources suggested by social media platforms.

YouTube is another excellent place for streaming. You can later save videos to your account so that your followers can watch them at any time. Here are the primary advantages of this marketing practice:

  • Human element present
  • Enhanced interactivity
  • Expanded library of content
  • Real-time tracking of user feedback
  • Product or service story communication
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On the one hand, you encourage new users to start using your application. On the other hand, live video streams are excellent retention tools. After all, you should make sure that your existing users do not quit subscriptions or uninstall your app.

Finally, there is Mainstream TV. It is not very popular outside English-speaking countries, but it remains the second most popular platform for videos after YouTube.

Leverage Social Influencers

Social influencers are bloggers who possess a certain reputation among their followers and have plenty of subscribers. They might have an impact on the decisions of your users.

Often, those are celebrities, famous scientists, IT gurus, political figures, etc. Just think outside-of-the-box to come up with something to intrigue them! Your goal is to have at least a few partners from this field.

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To build strong relationships with the influencers, you might offer them unique content or other ways to support their channels. It is a win-win partnership. This way, you will obtain more users who trust you just like they trust social influencers that you manage to make your partners. What they can do, for instance, is create live video streams presenting your app or sharing your promotional content on their pages. They can also write feedback after trying your software.


Influencers, organic search, email campaigns, paid search, affiliate marketing – all of these things can significantly increase your app’s success. Also, you should keep an eye on the recent mobile trends. Analyze what people are looking for and why, and think about the features that you may add to your tool. The main idea is to show the benefits of your application. Otherwise, no one will be interested in it even despite the effective social media marketing promotion.