The Right Duvet Covers and Bed Sheets Equal Better Sleep 

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Some people are “hot sleepers”, and that’s rather unfortunate. But here’s the good news. If you use the right kind of bedsheets, you’ll start enjoying sleep again. Your problem will change from being unable to enjoy sleep to having difficulty getting yourself of bed!

Some fabrics wick superbly well. And they dry quickly. They’re also soft, soothing the skin all night. These are the best kind of sheets for people who sweat excessively at night.

But it’s not just sweaty folks that need high-quality bed sheets and duvet covers. Everyone spends about 33 percent of their life in bed. So, it makes sense to make the bed as comfortable and cozy as possible.

4 Factors Hot Sleepers Should Consider When Choosing Bed Sheets

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For most people, choosing bed sheets may not seem like something requiring too much attention. But if you sweat excessively at night, it’s a decision you shouldn’t make hastily. You should research extensively before forking out. Here are a few points to keep in mind as you browse around for the best bed sheets.

Consider the Thread Count

Thread count refers to how much thread 1 square foot a duvet cover or bed sheet contains. In general, the higher the count, the better. You’ll want to buy bed sheets whose thread count lies anywhere between 200 and 400.

But if the thread count is above 400, be hesitant.  Usually, such sheets are made of super-thin yarn. Or the manufacturer may have added thread in between to hit the thread count.

Note: comparing thread count for bed sheets made by different companies isn’t always like comparing apples with apples.

Moisture-wicking Ability

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Although cotton is highly absorbent, it makes the fabric feel heavy and clammy on the body. That’s why wicking fabrics such as high-tech polyester continue to grow in popularity.

Wicking fabrics offer a large surface area and carry sweat away from your body. They transport the moisture to the outside of the fabric. That lets the moisture to evaporate easily, and you’ll stay cool and dry. Although cotton is a great material, it’s not always the best one for bed sheets.

Pay Some Attention to the Weave Method

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There are three main weave methods namely percale, sateen, and flannel.

Percale bed sheets are engineered using the traditional over-under weaving method. The material feels crisp to touch.

Sateen, on the other hand, is made using a method that’s slightly different than the over-under approach. To make sateen sheets, manufacturers use a weaving method that places more threads over than under. The result is a product that looks and feels very smooth and soft. Sateen and percale are typically made of cotton.

Sateen sheets are thicker, are more lustrous, and drape better than percale. Percale is lighter, but it’s more breathable. Percale is what you’d prefer for summertime or when it’s too hot in the bedroom. But both fabrics are great for people that sweat too much.

As to flannel bed sheets, the manufacturer weaves threads together and finally brushes them. Brushing the threads pulls up the fibers, increasing the fabric’s overall softness. Flannel bed sheets can be made from cotton, wool, or synthetic yarn. But these sheets normally aren’t as long-lasting as cotton.


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You can expect the highest-quality bedsheets to cost significantly more than other options. But that’s not to say you should pay an arm and a leg for them.

So, spend some time browsing around. According to PeachSkin Sheets, you need high-quality duvet covers that prevent hot flashes and dehydration. You’ll certainly find what you need.

Final Thoughts on Managing Excessive Sweating at Night

The best bed sheets and covers are soft and offer excellent moisture-wicking. With them, you get to stay cool all night. In addition, their thread count ranges from 200 to 400. And they’re moderately priced.

Now fire up your computer or smartphone and order the best bed sheets for people who sweat profusely at night.