Top 10 Apps for Writers

Microsoft Office Word is the standard program for many professional writers. What are other special apps to assist writers when they create their texts? In our times, there is a wide choice of them.

They offer a comfortable and stylish user interface and functions suitable for writers, journalists, bloggers, and other creative people. These apps are also excellent for students to complete essay writing tasks.

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So, here are the top 10 apps for writers.

1. OmmWriter

The pleasant musical background is the main feature of this text editing app for writers. Calm soundtracks can potentially help you work more effectively. In case you can’t work with music, just switch the sound off and get the desired silence.

The OmmWriter app for writers has a maximally simplified user interface. The text space occupies the whole program’s window. When you move the mouse cursor, a small menu appears. It includes:

  • Visual theme switches;
  • Music on/off;
  • Fonts option;
  • Font size option;
  • Save text;
  • Text file import.

There is the iPad-optimized version of this app with the unusual on-display keyboard. You can move it through the screen space to find the most comfortable position if you want.

2. Bookmate

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The Bookmate service is the electronic book saving and reading library. To start working in this app for writers, the user needs to register in the system. In this library, you can find more than 5000 books (mainly classics) to read at no cost.

The service allows saving books on your device in ePub or fb2 formats. The default text-displaying instrument automatically adjusts its size to the display of your device. It is an outstandingly comfortable app for writers who need to read a lot and get inspired.

3. Day One

This Mac and iOS app for writers is a diary synchronized between all your devices. It looks simple but has all the functions the user might need.

Settings allow choosing quick access hotkeys. In case you use the app to write a personal diary, set a password to prevent unwanted eyes from reading your private information. An additional comfortable search function lets you find old notes quickly.

The interface of the app’s iOS version for portable devices is simplified. Its functions are also limited. Nevertheless, you can use this comfortable electronic notebook at any moment you want.

4. Daily Page

If you need to practice article writing skills regularly, this app for writers will suit you the best. It gives you a new task to write about every day. The point is, the program sets up a topic, and you need to create a text on it until the day is gone.

Different topics may appear. In some cases, the app can make you discuss personal problems or write the text containing some jokes. For example, it can ask you about something you want to hide from anyone. The next day, the program may give you a task to compose a dialogue between a punk and a priest.

That sounds challenging and exciting, doesn’t it?

5. Scrivener 2

This app for writers displays the table of contents, the main text, and different notes like the short chapter description simultaneously. It also offers built-in instruments to search and structure contents.

After the job is done, you can save the text in any format, including the electronic book. Both Windows and Mac platforms are suitable for running the program.

Scrivener 2 has a simple interface. The control console is at the top, the table of contents is to the left, and keywords to find notes are to the right. Authors who used other programs to start writing their texts can transfer the document to Scrivener through the import function.

6. Letterspace

According to its developers, this Mac and iOS program suits well for note-taking. Still, authors tend to use it to compose long texts, too. Letterspace stands out with its simplified interface. Also, it does not have too many additional functions. It is an instrument with an attractive visual design able to synchronize notes between all the Apple devices the user owns. The Evernote utility was the prototype to create Letterspace.

They tend to think that Letterspace is the simplified version of Evernote in which developers cut unnecessary functions. As a result, they got a maximally simple instrument for inexperienced users. There is a separate line for hashtags serving as notes. The user can sort them by groups.

The Letterspace app for writers is free to download and use. It will ask you to invest some funds only if you would like to change the interface color theme.

7. Alternote

It is the simplified alternative Evernote client. The application contains three main blocks. The organizer includes the list of notes, shortcuts and tags, and a recycle bin. The second block has the search line and the table of sorted notes. The third one is the minimalist but functional text editing block.

Alternote does not support some useful functions implemented in Evernote. There are no separating lines and table templates. Additionally, it is technically impossible to add files from Google Drive cloud storage.

8. MindMeister

MindMeister is the app with a fresh look at book writing. It is an unusual set of instruments for writers to create a mind map. A mind map is a primitive scheme to help you think of complex problems, look for ideas and solutions. Drawing and editing such plans by hand is a time-taking thing that is not always comfortable. That is why people prefer to use special software.

Writers can use this app to build logical chains, structure plot lines, and visualize connections between their heroes. MindMeister prevents writers from getting lost in the labyrinths of complex and large novels.

9. Hemingway

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It is the app suitable for all writers working with texts. The program’s name is not an accident. It is named after Ernest Hemingway, the outstanding writer known for his maximally laсonic and straightforward narrative style.

Using Hemingway, writers can find too long sentences and shorten them. As a result, readers will perceive the text better. The app runs on Windows and OS X, and is available as the online service, too. Regardless of the version you use, it is an easy and straightforward editing app.

10. FocusWriter

FocusWriter is the minimalist application to write books. It lets you concentrate on the text. They did not overload the program with multiple additional functions. As a result, nothing distracts the writer.

By default, the app is in the full-screen mode. The toolbar remains hidden until you move the cursor to the top part of the screen. Do the same thing at the bottom to see statistics about the job you’ve done.