Types of Sump Pumps and Overview: Zoeller M53 Mighty-Mate and More

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Sump pump performs such an indispensable function in the home that when the need arises, it becomes your best solution to that problem. Flooding of many houses and basements have been averted due to the thoughtful installation of a sump pump. Also, houses have been saved from the dangers of weak foundations because the water that accumulates underneath the house (the basements and crawlspaces) have been expelled by sump pumps.

These sump pumps cost quite a few bucks, and although they are worth the spend, it is advisable to purchase a sump pump of good quality that can handle the water that enters your basements and would last for the utmost period of time. Being that its job is to keep water from flooding your basement, it would be pointless and unfortunate if you purchase a sump pump and in a short while it malfunctions and your basement eventually gets flooded.

There are a variety of brands and quality of Sump Pumps. Some are submersible, some are iron-cast, some are thermoplastic and some are stainless steel. Some have float switches, while others have several other power options. However, the most rated sump pumps by house owners and technicians have been compiled and the top brands are these five.

Superior Pump 91250

Superior Pump is a thermoplastic submersible utility pump that is popularly used alongside a float switch, though the decision is optional. It had the capacity of pumping up to 30 gallons of water per minute and is capable of lifting water vertically up to about 25 feet. Its portable frame allows it to fit in sump pits as small as six inches.

The Superior Pump comes with a one-year warranty, which comes with its own terms. However, with its clog-resistant suction and durable thermoplastic construction, it leaves little to worry about damaging any time soon.


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WAYNE pumps are known to be resilient, reliable and long-lasting. With its top suction pump design, it minimizes air locks and clogging from debris in the bottom of the sump pit. This pump best fits in 11-inch diameter and larger sump pits, and it pumps 4,600 gallons per hour.

Zoeller M53 Mighty-Mate

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Although quite heavy, the Zoeller M53 Mighty-Mate is often a top choice and it is known for its high quality and years of durability as mentioned in this article about the major qualities.

Operated with a float switch, it is a submersible pump with a 2-pole mechanical switch and variable level, long-cycle systems. Its stainless steel housing ensures that it is corrosion resistant, and its cast-iron parts are epoxy coated ensuring this sump pump’s longevity

Liberty Pumps 257

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This sump pump is a vertical magnetic float design that can be accommodated by small sump pits. Housed in a single iron-cast body, the Liberty Pumps 257 reduces electrical usage by 40% and is capable of pumping up to 50 gallons of water every minute.

Flotec FPPM3600D

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The Flotec FPPM3600D is a pedestal sump pump equipped with a heavy-duty rugged 1/3 HP motor and unique pedestal design. Fitted in a long-lasting thermoplastic body, the pump as a whole would fit decently in a 12-inch diameter sump pit. This sump pump is capable of pumping 3,480 gallons of water per hour.